Poll: Subaru BRZ Premium or Ford Mustang Fastback V6?

Poll: Subaru BRZ Premium or Ford Mustang Fastback V6?

The Subaru BRZ and Ford Mustang are both stylish and sporty coupes but is one of these models a better choice for enthusiasts than the other? You decide!

Both of these cars feature sporty rear-wheel-drive architectures, offer manual transmissions and are available with just two doors, similarities that make them logical rivals, though there are plenty of differences between them.

Starting with the BRZ, it features a 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder engine that’s good for up to 205 horsepower and 156 lb-ft of twist (when equipped with a six-speed stick, that is), and that’s it. Only one propulsion unit is offered in this car.

Fortunately, thanks to the engine’s horizontally opposed configuration this Subaru has a very low center of gravity and overall weight, tipping the scales at less than 2,800 pounds, making it minuscule by 21st century standards. Really, the BRZ is more precision instrument than jackhammer, especially when equipped with the new Performance Package, which adds Brembo brakes and Sachs shock absorbers.

Focusing on the Ford, it’s quite different from the Subaru. For starters, it offers a multitude of engines, from an EcoBoost four-cylinder to a duet of high-strung V8s to a base V6. And that latter option is what we’re focusing on here, the most cost-effective offering (read: cheapest).

Aside from being a larger car, the Mustang is also heavier, tipping the scales at around 3,526 pounds with a V6 and manual transmission, some 741 more than the BRZ. But partially offsetting this mass disadvantage is more power. This car is endowed with 300 horses and 280 lb-ft of twist from a 3.7-liter engine. A manual or automatic transmission are offered, both with six forward speeds.

As for pricing, out the door this Ford starts at a few bucks less than $25,600. On the other hand, Subaru’s offering kicks off at around $26,200, including destination fees.

Which of these cars do YOU prefer? Compare them directly right here and please, make sure to vote in our poll!

  • Guesty

    The Subaru BRZ looks like a fake sports car.

  • smartacus

    i dunno, torque available below 7,000 RPM still has to be worth something.

  • twinfishfour .

    The BRZ (Toyota 86) is the better performance option: it is a sportier, better handling, well balanced corner eating machine. You can place it on the twisty two lane roads much more accurately, and it will give you the feedback of a real drivers car. On the other hand, for a comfortable cross country interstate based trip, the Mustang would be the better choice.

  • Walford Sterling

    I don’t know… if you had given me the option of the EcoBoost Mustang, it would be no contest. 310 hp and 320 ft-lbs AND marginally better fuel economy, in a bigger, heavier car? No contest, Mustang all the way. The Ford weighs 27% more than the Subaru, but it puts out 50% more horsepower and more than TWICE as much torque. I don’t care if the BRZ is on roller-coaster rails, the Mustang is going to eat it for lunch on any track. Plus professional test-drivers are consistently getting 0.95 g on the skidpad in the Mustang, but struggling to get .9 in the BRZ, so despite “feeling” better handling, that’s not necessarily always true. That’s something we’ve often seen with high-end Corvettes tested against low-end 911s. The Porshe “feels” better, but put the two on a twisty track, and the ‘Vette leaves the Porshe in the dust.

    So, against a base Mustang? I’m not sure. The “fun” of the BRZ might outweigh the slightly better performance of the Ford. Against an EcoBoost? Mustang all the way.

  • Heath Dean

    I am in exactly the same boat. When I was car shopping, I was looking at the BRZ, 370Z, Genesis Coupe, and Mustang GT. Ultimately ended up with the GT and the BRZ didn’t even make the final cut. Couldn’t be happier. If I were looking at the V6 Mustang, I probably would have been swayed by the lighter weight of the BRZ and would now be the happy owner of my second Subaru. I love Subies and would argue that the best car I’ve ever owned was a 2002 WRX, she I really wanted the BRZ for a few years until I saw the S550 Mustang…

    Oh, and with the Performance Package, the GT handles incredibly well. Those fat rears, 6-pot Brembos up front, bigger radiator, and minor suspension upgrades make for a very fun driving machine. I push it pretty hard in the corners and have no issues with understeer, but with the torque it has, I’ll fully confident that any measurable understeer could be easily corrected with some good, old fashioned power oversteer.

  • GTfrank

    I think for 95% of Americans the Mustang six is a better car. The real world mileage is excellent. The Mustang also has good power and a nice ride handling balance. Also The mustang is much more reliable than Mustangs of the past with much better build quality.

    For me I love the BRZ. The Mustang 6 is a good handling car. With no GT package available anymore the BRZ simply outclasses the Mustang in the corners. The Steering and brakes are far better. Better driving position, sight lines and comfort. The BRZ is 800 pounds lighter than the Mustang 6. You FEEL that 800 pounds of difference. Still in day to day driving the Mustang 6 is a better all around car at a bargain price.

  • GTfrank

    I like the Mustang six. The Ecoboost is not worth the extra expense over the Six. The Mustang 6 gets BETTER real world mileage. The Six has a far more flexible powertrain. The ecoboost has poor top end and sounds like crap. Nor is it a particularly smooth 4. There is some turbo lag also. The t4 runs out of steam above 5500 rpm and the steering sucks. Why does the Ecoboost weigh 100 pounds more than the V6?

  • mix

    Had the brz been given turbo from the factory or a v6 to compete with the infinitis and nissans….this wouldve my pick.
    But the mustang is cheaper, faster and definitely more aggressive. I dont know why they only decided to give this only 200hp when it should be pushing out much more. Im guessing its because they probably dont want it to compete with sti for sales. This is why no one likes japanese sports cars anymore, they started focusing on econoboxes instead of performance they used to be big in the 90s. Brz vs v6 stang…v6 stang any day.

  • mix

    I have a 2015 v6 mustang…funny thing is i cross shopped a brz along with a v6 camaro and a 370z. Brz was the first to go out the window because i didnt realize it only had 200 fking hp. The 370z was more expensive so it came down to v6 stang or camaro. Stang because i found a crazy cheap brand new 2015 with the manual trans. I feel i made the right decision. More affordable, good power, aggressive styling, good mpg, sound is great (put in some flowmasters and it turned into a beast). If the brz was pushing a v6 engine or a turbo-4, it probably wouldve been that.

  • NewGuy

    I drove a 2016 Mustang V6 and it’s just too big and heavy. The BRZ feels more like a sports car to me. Plus, Mustangs are everywhere so you meet yourself coming and going.

  • Depends… Do you need a toy or something that is better to own every day? If it is a toy then the BRZ, but if you want a more well-rounded car then the Mustang will be better in leaps and bounds.

  • Jeff Safire

    Huh? The BRZ takes a LOT of design cues from the old 240Z, especially in its overall profile. IS the original ‘Z’ not a real sports car?

  • Thullraven

    I’ll take my Mustang V6 over the BRZ every time. I’ve driven the BRZ and it’s handling is amazing, but my Mustang with the “W” Speed Top of the line BF Goodrich A/S tires handles a lot better than one would think. Not quite as good as the BRZ, but not too far behind it. As far as speed, it’s not even close. My Mustang has slight mods, but even without them, the BRZ doesn’t stand a chance. The BRZ struggled to get to high speeds and worked harder to maintain it, while it didn’t take much effort for the Mustang. If Subaru, or Toyota with the 86, ever puts more horsepower in there, I might change my tune.