Tesla Could Debut 100-kWh Battery Pack Soon to Boost Performance

Tesla Could Debut 100-kWh Battery Pack Soon to Boost Performance

The long rumored 100-kWh battery pack from Tesla could be nearing its launch.

Dutch blog site Kenteken found that officials in the Netherlands have approved 100D, P100D and P100D with Ludicrous variants for Tesla, based on the expected 100-kWh battery pack. The approval comes from RDW, the Dutch regulator and European authority used by Tesla to approve its vehicles for use in Europe.

The 100-kWh battery pack hasn’t made an appearance on the California Air Resources Board (CARB)’s website yet.

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The idea of a P100D model first surfaced when a hacker found it in an encrypted message that included a badge for P100D. When first exposed by Jason Hughes on Twitter, Elon Musk commended him saying that “Good hacking is a gift.”

The 100D Model S is listed with a range of around 380 miles on a single charge, but that is based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) which is quite generous compared to the Environmental Protection Agency. Still, it’s probably a safe bet that the 100-kWh battery pack will safely push the Model S range to over 300 miles and it should bring the Model X closer to 300 miles.

The big question is whether the P100D with Ludicrous will be even faster, since the larger battery pack could increase performance.

[Source: Kenteken]

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