This Mystery Hyundai Could Be Even Better Than the Civic Type R


Hyundai has been caught testing a mid-engine version of its Veloster sports car, suggesting that this car might actually see production. 

The Hyundai RM16 N Concept was rolled out earlier this year at the Busan Auto Show and before that, Hyundai built two other mid-engine Veloster concept cars, so the idea is certainly not new. This is the first time the car has actually been seen testing though, which makes it more likely that Hyundai is actually planning to build and sell some of these cars.

Originally, the RM concepts were unveiled to show exactly what Hyundai’s new N sports performance brand was capable of.

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If the production version stays true to the concept, it will have a mid-mounted 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine putting out around 295 horsepower and 282 lb-ft of torque, send to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission.

The RM15 Concept was said to have an aluminum spaceframe and plenty of carbon fiber, cutting 430 pounds off compared to the standard Veloster, bringing the weight down to just under 2,800 pounds.

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  • smartacus

    mid-engine 295HP 2.0?

  • Christopher Evert


  • picoFarad

    The Veloster is pretty cool car. Wish they hadn’t chosen such a stupid name.

  • Jeff

    With weight shaved to 2800# and just under the 300 hp, this car will out perform many current fast, but, overweight counterparts. I suspect this will be very quick.

  • Ae Neuman

    who cares, end of the day its still a hyundai

  • Phil Shuey

    This fool obviously hasn’t shopped Hyundai lately. Having owned a 2011 sonata turbo, I can tell you Hyundai has come a long way,and evidently the ignorant are still sleeping on them lol

  • James Kountz

    Idc if it is a Hyundai I much as I lust after the Renault Clio v6 sport and 5 turbo both of which I’ll never probably even see more or less afford if they price these in reason I’d sell a testicle to get one

  • Ae Neuman

    only fool is you.
    hyundai have improved but so has the competition.

  • Phil Shuey

    I’m well versed in the car world.Honda overall quality and reliability has been on the decline for over a decade, while Hyundai has done nothing but improve. Look around you moron it’s not the civic no more it’s the accent sonata and volestor you see everywhere lol

  • Ae Neuman

    so well versed you can’t even get the name of your beloved hyundai veloster correct.
    go home donkeyboy

  • Phil Shuey

    Great comeback lol I guess it wasn’t much you could say other then to play spelling police great job bro ur a Weiner or is that winner?? Lmao

  • james taylirt

    I’m sorry Hyundai is still a shit company when you consider reliability, longevity, and quality. I’d take a 92 civic with damn near 300k miles over this shined turd.