Rumors of a Honda Civic Type R CVT Squashed



Update: Honda spokesman Sage Marie has confirmed that the Civic Type R will not be offered with CVT. The below story has been updated to reflect that. 

Rumors of the upcoming Honda Civic Type R offering a continuously variable transmission (CVT) as an option have been put to rest. 

The news was reported by CivicX, citing a report in the November issue of CAR magazine, which includes an interview with senior Honda staff Mirsuru Kariya, Daisuke Tsutamori and Katsushi Inoue. Kariya is better known as the head engineer for the Civic line, while Tsutamori assumes the role of head designer. Inoue is the head of Honda in Europe, so the report seems to have credible sources.

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In the interview, the three discuss some details on the 2018 Honda Civic Type R, which is heading to North America for the first time. Some things that have been confirmed is a limited-slip differential, a lower center of gravity compared to the standard Civic, and it will come in front-wheel drive only.

But most surprising is the claim that accompanying the six-speed manual transmission will be a CVT that is said to be optimized for low-end acceleration.

The Type R has traditionally been exclusively available with a manual transmission, so the fact that an automatic is even being considered is sure to be seen as sacrilegious to many automotive enthusiasts.

[Source: CivicX]

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  • craigcole


  • Apex Assassin

    CVT is shit, including in your lame ass Subaru.

    I’ll never consider owning one.


  • Patrick Jackson


  • Patrick Jackson

    Uh huh sure you will.

  • Kevin Chu

    Lol it’s not going to happen because a CVT Type R is confirmed false.

  • danwat1234

    It wouldn’t be a bad option. If the CVT is engineered properly and tough enough, could be very responsive.

  • ZM

    Why are they doing this they make a perfectly good dual clutch transmission for the Acura TLX why not put that in the Type R?

  • Snoopi

    My first introduction to performance car was the Civic in my youth. I always had a fond memory of it and loved the Honda Civic in its glory days in the past. I wished and hoped that I can go back to my roots to buy a Civic Type R nowadays. But my group of car enthusiast are married with kids, so a hatchback to fit all the baby stuff and an automatic to share the car with the wife. However, Honda has screwed my group over again!!! I guess they just want the hardcore track only guys or the rich teenager who love to show off its rear wing…so sad that Honda has no love for the rest of us.