Watch a Bunch of Cute Little Toyota Trucks Pull a Big Toyota Truck

Toyota decided to find out if a team of remote control cars could pull a full-size pickup.

A collection of Tamiya Hilux Bruiser 4×4 remote control models were put to the test to show the genuine capabilities of both the Toyota Hilux and the Bruiser, a 1:10-scale kit that is based on an earlier Hilux design. The automaker took inspiration from a famous 1980s stunt, in which a fleet of radio-controlled Bruisers successfully hauled a Hilux at Tamiya’s headquarters in Japan. But today, the Hilux is bigger and heavier, so Toyota was curious to see if the remote controlled cars could repeat the challenge.

According to Toyota, precise calculations were made that showed, at least on paper, the task could be accomplished. The Toyota Hilux Invincible Double Cab weighs 6,420 pounds and each Tamiya Bruiser can generate 4.4 lbs of pulling force. So between 15 remote controlled cars, they would have 66 lbs of muscle and when exerting maximum power on a flat surface, they theoretically have enough to get the Hilux moving.

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Each Bruiser had their tires inflated to the maximum pressure of 60 psi and their four-wheel-drive electric powertrains were locked into low-ratio transmission. To help them gain traction, two 1.1-lb diving weights were placed behind the cab section of each vehicle.

A dedicated towing arm was designed, made from steel and featuring 15 separate eyelets, one for each towing cable. The arm was bolted to the Hilux’s standard front tow points. The pickup itself had a driver with the engine turned off, brakes released and the transmission in neutral, while a team of radio-control model experts used their skills to ensure the remote controlled cars moved in perfect synchronization and with the optimum power delivery.

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