Watch this Subaru WRX STI go on an Epic Bobsled Run


When you’re record-setting Mark Higgins, sometimes it’s hard to find new places to race. 

And that’s why Higgins and a heavily-modified 2015 Subaru WRX STI decided to do what no other car has done: drive down a bobsled track.

Before the team made the journey to the Swiss Alps, Prodrive modified the Isle of Man record-setting car, adding extra bracing and tires that are now banned from the World Rally Championship (WRC). Higgins is also the same person that set the Isle of Man record, and his resume includes being a stunt driver in various movies including Fast and Furious 6.

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But a bobsled track is unfamiliar territory, especially for a car. It’s not a flawless run, and we can’t imagine any vehicle that could do it perfectly, but is it a joy to watch.

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  • K03sport

    so, what was Mark’s time? how did it compare to bob-sleds? I think he lost a few tenths in the upper section and then a few more tenths after that big left-hander (ouch)…tell me more about the car…it had a roll cage, but it also appears to have a full interior (dash, radio, door cards, etc.)…what else did Subaru do to help prepare the STI tackle this course? I saw some bumper plates, the skinny spike tires, and other safety devices, but is there more?

  • Sultry_Llama_Of_Doom

    I just want to see the after run pics, with all the damage…

  • pbug56