Poll: Ford Focus RS or Honda Civic Type R?

Poll: Ford Focus RS or Honda Civic Type R?

Alright fanboys (and girls), prepare to get whipped into a rabid froth. In this poll, we’re comparing two high-performance hot-hatchbacks, the Ford Focus RS and Honda’s legendary Civic Type R.

Yes, enthusiasts of these cars are legion and they’re sure to duke it out in the comments section below, debating, trolling and flaming each other into oblivion. But which of these pocket rockets deserves the most love? Let’s explore before you go on the offensive.

Starting with the Ford since you can actually buy one right now (the Honda won’t go on sale in the U.S. until “late spring”), it’s motivated by a fire-breathing four-cylinder engine. Displacing 2.3-liters, this EcoBoost unit is rated at an impressive 350 horsepower and an equal measure of torque.

All that grunt is routed to the pavement through a standard all-wheel-drive system that even offers a drift mode for maximum oversteer. A six-speed manual is the only gearbox offered. Want an automatic? Too bad! Go get a Corolla instead.

With so many horses in its stable, the Focus RS can reach 62 miles an hour in just 4.7 seconds, topping out at an advertised 165 miles an hour. Curb weight is around 3,434 pounds.

Focusing on the Civic, it also features a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Clocking in at just 2.0-liters, it nonetheless cranks out a respectable 306 horsepower. Torque clocks in at 295 lb-ft.

Like its rival from Ford, the Type R is only available with a three-pedal gearbox, one with six forward speeds. Differing from what Dearborn offers, this Honda is made available exclusively with front-wheel drive, which could be an issue with all that giddy-up. Can you say torque steer? What about wheel hop?

Potentially mitigating these issues are meaty 20-inch wheels wrapped in gooey Continental ContiSportContact 6 performance tires. Honda does not appear to list an advertised zero-to-60 time for the Type R, though we’ve got to think it’ll get the deed done in the five-second range.

When it comes to pricing, the Ford in this poll starts at right around $37,000, including delivery fees, though no official figure for the Honda has been released. Still, the company says it will kick off in the mid-$30,000 range, not bad for the first ever Civic Type R sold in America.

Which of these hot hatches do YOU prefer? Compare them here and make sure to vote down below.

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  • RickJWagner

    For the CTR, low 30s is good. “Mid” 30s puts it in competition with the STi and Golf R.
    Front Wheel Drive won’t cut it in that company. (People will discount the Ford because it’s too single-purpose.)
    Don’t overprice it, Honda.

  • Rod

    Type r is fwd and can still compete with the rs as well as higher performance cars. The proof is out there. Fwd is a whole different beast than rwd and awd, that does not drive me away from wanting a type r. If it was equipped with awd we all know it’ll smoke the focus

  • JasoN Tybee

    I’d take them both over a Hyundai any day. This we can ALL agree on.

  • falchulk

    What? It’s still way down in power. It’s not in the same class as the RS. Prove it can compete with the RS or other high performance cars…

  • Robert

    The civic type r does not exist in America

  • Jayson Lima

    Simple and inexpensive mods and ford is over 400hp for under $500

  • Gonzo Angrymonkey

    I had to vote for AWD with drift mode, but in all honesty, I’d probably skip both and take a Focus ST for @ $10k less.

  • Dale Pierre

    The RS has AWD and Launch on it with the higher HP. This car definitley demands respect. However, the type R has a VTEC 2.0 with higher rev range, pushing right under 310hp, weighs less and loses less power to wheels than the RS due to the FWD. From a stop, RS will take the win all day. From a roll though, the type R has the upper hand and will walk on the RS. Depends on which monster you want honestly? One that terrorizes from a stop, or from a roll in the streets……

  • Dale Pierre

    Under $500, how so? A Cobb tuning device alone is over $500? Going to need more than $500 and a mapping device before you see 400hp. And I’m sorry, but most race enthusiast go by wheel HP, not crank. That’s where the real power is made, at the pavement. The RS stock barely tips over 300hp at the wheels btw…..

  • Adam Lee

    Honda isn’t over pricing them it’s the dealers and their gouging mark ups.