Lamborghini Biopic to Star Antonio Banderas, Alec Baldwin

Lamborghini Biopic to Star Antonio Banderas, Alec Baldwin

Antonio Banderas will play Ferruccio Lamborghini in an upcoming biopic based on the life of the Italian businessman, while Alec Baldwin will co-star as his arch rival, Enzo Ferrari. The film, which carries the production title Lamborghini – The Legend, is based on a book written by Lamborghini’s son Tonino. It will follow Ferruccio’s story from his beginnings as a tractor maker to a builder of some of the world’s most exclusive and sought after exotic cars. Academy Award-winning director Michael Radford will be in charge of the project, which is to be distributed by AMBI Group, while Crash screenwriter Bobby Moresco will write the script.

“This story of Lamborghini is not only about cars, engines and a remarkable career,” AMBI Group founder Monika Bacardi said when the film was first announced in late 2015. “There is a fascinating, but lesser-known private life and a beautiful love story that will be told through our movie.”

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Baldwin should feature prominently in the film alongside Banderas seeing as Enzo Ferrari played a significant role in Lamborghini’s life. Ferruccio, who at this time was still building tractors, was unsatisfied with his Ferrari as he felt it was too noisy and rough for public roads and the clutch needed to be changed far too frequently, He took his complaints straight to Enzo, who obviously didn’t take to kindly to them. This spat inspired Lamborghini to begin building his own exotic cars — the rest is history.

Filming for Lamborghini – The Legend is set to begin in Italy this summer. A release date is yet to be decided.

[Source: Variety]