Hot Hyundai Veloster N Makes its First Appearance


It looks like the series of hot Veloster concepts that Hyundai has been rolling out for a few years will finally bear some fruit. 

Spy photographers caught a Veloster cruising the streets and there is plenty of equipment on it that points to the car’s nature as a high-performance model.

A hot Veloster model from Hyundai’s new N brand is certainly not unexpected, as the brand has already shown multiple concept versions of the car. Most recently, Hyundai rolled out the RM30 Concept, a Veloster packing a mid-mounted 2.0-liter turbo that pumped out 295 horsepower. The powertrain used in the production car is unknown, though just using our eyes we can see a lot of the details.

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Two massive rear exhaust pipes can be seen sticking out the back of the prototype while up front, a chin spoiler up has been added. And just like the RM16, a large spoiler appears to be included on the rear end. Low-profile tires that are wrapped around what look like 19-inch wheels are seen, while a set of red brake calipers, usually a signal of increased performance, provide stopping power.

If it does end up with 295 horsepower like the concept, this new Hyundai Veloster will be positioned to compete against the likes of the Volkswagen Golf R and the Focus RS. The first car from Hyundai to get the full N treatment will be the i30, but that car won’t make it to North America. 

The first car from Hyundai to get the full N treatment will be the i30, but that car won’t make it to North America. So it looks like the Veloster N will be the first N car to make it to the US. It is expected to arrive by 2019. 

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  • neverendingmods

    About time. Hyundai could have took engine, trans, and brakes from the now departed Genesis coupe turbo and plopped them into the Veloster a long time ago.
    With Ford ditching the 1.6l turbo in the Ford Fiesta ST and going to a 3 cyl turbo everyone wanting an inexpensive hot hatch for autocrossibg and short race track sessions will want this.
    Try not to screw this one up too Hyundai.