Man Watches Helplessly as His Lamborghini Gallardo Burns

A Seattle man was left to watch his Lamborghini Gallardo burn after it caught fire on a busy road – and the whole ordeal was captured on a high definition camera.

The video shows a white, late model Gallardo coming to a stop after exiting a Seattle freeway. A flash of orange can then be seen in the engine bay before the owner frantically exits the car and lifts the engine cover. Smoke then begins to pour from the engine bay before the owner tracks down a fire extinguisher and attempts to oust the flames. That does little to quell the inferno and things get progressively worse from there out, with the car eventually becoming engulfed in smoke.

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The fire department eventually shows up to oust the flames, but by then the white Lamborghini is a total goner. It’s not clear what caused the blaze, but there’s been no shortage of reports of Gallardo fires over the years. About 1,500 Gallardos were recalled in 2012 as the power steering fluid could leak onto hot components and start a fire. That recall affected early model year vehicles, which by the looks of it, this particular car isn’t. Still, anyone familiar with supercars, Lamborghinis and Ferraris in particular, won’t be surprised about this six-figure flambé.

Check out the somewhat heartbreaking video embedded above.

[Source: The Drive]