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 |  Oct 15 2013, 11:02 AM

Color Me Surprised


Automakers have come a long way from the days of Henry Ford’s Model T. While many colors were available over the “Tin Lizzy’s” long production run, this rugged and bare-bones vehicle was only offered in black for many years. Talk about choice!

Today, car manufacturers offer more hues than there are colors of the rainbow. But that’s not all. Depending on the product, customers can get shimmering metal flake or even special pearlescent paint jobs that seem to change color under different lighting conditions.

Spurning the basics like black, white and beige, even mass-market companies are offering buyers ever more assaulting hues. These days you don’t have to pony up the cash for a Lamborghini to drive something bright. Here are the Top 10 Craziest Paint Colors Available Today.

 |  Jun 22 2011, 4:11 PM

2010 Ford Fiesta Euro-Spec-10

Color choice tends to be an extremely personal subject when it comes to purchasing a car, and with 40% of respondents stating that they’d walk out of a dealer if they couldn’t get a car in their hue of choice, Ford is hard at work at the next generation of paint schemes.

Ford engineers tend to have a 3-year timetable when it comes to choosing new colors, and the company is already trying to determine what will be popular in the coming years. The 2000′s saw white and grey as popular shades, but Ford is betting on vibrant colors like Ruby Red and a “Candy Blue” as being among the next big hits. A Ford press release states that the next big things will be “complex metallics, tinted clearcoats, tri-coats and neutrals.”

Vehicles like the Focus and Fiesta, with their range of bright blues, lime greens and magentas should provide a clue as to the company’s future direction. But research still shows that white, blue, grey and silver are the most popular colors, with silver being the global favorite.