2015 Toyota Camry vs. 2015 Honda Accord

Family Sedan Heavyweight Bout

2015 Toyota Camry vs. 2015 Honda Accord

Mention the term “family sedan” and most people probably think of the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

With a reputation built on quality, reliability and ease of use, the Camry and Accord fight each other year after year to be the number one selling car in the United States. But which one is better? The last time we ran this comparison, the all-new Honda Accord came out on top. But now it’s Toyota’s turn. For 2015, the Camry has been refreshed head-to-toe and is hungrily hunting for some Honda meat.

A Good Looking Camry?

Unlike some Camry redesigns in the past, there is no mistaking that the 2015 model is a new car. Styling is subjective, but it’s hard to argue that the Camry’s new exterior isn’t leaps ahead of the old model. For once I can honestly say the Camry is more attractive to look at than the Accord.

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It’s the same story inside. Toyota infused the Camry interior with much-needed pizazz. Interesting styling elements and a better mix of materials in XSE model I tested make the Accord feel cold and unimaginative by comparison. But, it’s the Toyota’s usability that impresses us most.

Simple and Consumer Friendly

All of the Camry’s controls are easy to understand, well placed and simple. The center stack buttons are massive and easy to locate. Subtle new touches like a cell phone holder in the center console and sliding armrest only sweeten things more. It’s as if Toyota used all the money saved from not developing a new drivetrain for the 2015 model and poured it into consumer focus groups. I can’t stress enough how ergonomic the new Camry is.

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It’s not like the Accord is a mess of complex user interfaces, but scrolling through the various menu screens to find the right settings can take some time, especially with the navigation system. We do give the Accord the edge in build quality because everything seems better screwed together compared to the Camry, especially the door panels.

Tech Savvy

On the technology front, the two cars match up pretty evenly. Both are available with adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning and LED lighting. The one piece of tech the Accord has over the Camry is the lane watch camera. Every time the right turn signal is deployed, the top screen turns on showing the right hand three quarter blind spot. It makes an already easy-to-drive car, well, easier to drive.

The Accord also trumps the Camry by featuring two separate display screens that are great for relaying more pertinent details to the driver and passengers. Despite that, we find that the dedicated lower audio screen doesn’t give you all the necessary information. Despite the fact that it feels older, we would rather have the more user-friendly Camry infotainment system.

Power and Efficiency

As has been the case for a long time, both the Camry and Accord continue to be offered with four-cylinder and V6 engines. Our test cars came equipped with the drivetrain that dominates the mid-size sedan market – four-cylinder engines hooked up to automatic transmissions. But here the two cars differ. Toyota continues to use a traditional six-speed automatic while Honda uses a more efficient continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Since CVTs are lamented as being horrible automotive appliances, the Camry must have the better transmission, correct? Wrong. The CVT installed in the Honda Accord is a shining example of how well they can perform in the right setting. Eager to respond and never holding the engine at annoyingly high RPM, this CVT is quite possibly the most seamlessly operating transmission in the entire segment. It lets the Accord accelerate quicker than the numbers would suggest. The Honda only has 14 HP and 11 lb-ft. of torque over the Camry, but on the road it feels like double or triple that.

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What’s more, the Accord is also more fuel efficient, rated at 27 MPG city and 36 MPG highway compared to the Camry’s 25 MPG city and 35 MPG highway ratings. It’s worth noting though that in real world testing that gap did shrink, as the Accord returned a 31.0 MPG observed average while the Camry managed a 30.2 MPG average.

Compare Specs

2015 Honda Accord
2015 Toyota Camry
Vehicle 2015 Honda Accord Advantage 2015 Toyota Camry
Engine 2.4 L Four-Cylinder - 2.5 L Four Cylinder
Horsepower 185 HP Accord 178 HP
Torque 181 lb-ft. Accord 170 lb-ft.
Weight 3,365 lbs. Camry 3,350 lbs.
Rear Legroom 38.4-inches Camry 38.9-inches
Trunk Space 15.5 cubic feet (no split fold) Camry 15.4 cubic feet (split fold)
Fuel Economy (US) 27 MPG city, 36 MPG hwy Accord 25 MPG city, 35 MPG hwy
Fuel Economy (CDN) 8.8 L/100 km city, 6.5 L/100 km hwy - 9.7 L/100 km city, 6.9 L/100 km hwy
Observed Fuel Economy 31.0 MPG Accord 30.2 MPG
Starting Price(US) $22,925 Accord $23,795
Starting Price(CDN) $25,923 - $25,470
As Tested Price(US) $31,105 Camry $28,055
As Tested Price(CDN) $32,723 - $29,997

Refinement and Comfort

The Accord’s steering is stiffer and the car feels more planted as a whole compared to the looser-feeling Toyota. We prefer the suspension and chassis setup of the Camry over the Accord, not to mention the fact that it does a better job of isolating passengers from road noise.

This close-fought battle continues with cargo space. Rear seat legroom and trunk space are basically tied between the two cars. The only difference we found during real world testing – and it’s negligible – is that the Camry offers a little more headroom. It’s also important to note that the Toyota has split folding rear seats unlike the Honda.

Taller drivers will probably be more comfortable in the Accord. Some of our editors struggled to find a comfortable position in the Camry and complained that the seat couldn’t be lowered enough. It feels like they’re perched on top of the Camry’s cabin instead of within it. This could be a major plus for shorter drivers though as the low dash and beltline do offer great sightlines.

The Verdict

The only way to truly separate these two cars is by quantifying their value and even here, things are murky. Pricing for the Camry begins at $23,795 after delivery, which is nearly a $1,000 more than the $22,925 entry level for an Accord. But, unlike the Camry, the Accord comes standard with a manual transmission at that price. Add the automatic transmission and the price increases $1,800, leapfrogging the Camry. To complicate things further, the $3,000 as tested price advantage for the Camry is null because if we were to option these two cars similarly, the difference in price would again be a few hundred dollars at most.

In the end, it will become a matter of personal taste. For us, that means picking the Camry. It will give you everything you need in a user-friendly package. It looks like there’s a new champion in the practical family sedan battle.

2015 Honda Accord

2015 Toyota Camry

  • Shiratori90

    Disagree. The Accord is still the better car, despite the refresh that the Camry has received.

  • bd

    Accord – better looking and better driver.

  • GeToD

    Just what I am looking for, a car that is inefficient, delivers power slowly and wanders on the highway…. NOT

  • Steph

    After reading your own review, I am suprise that you favor the Camry over the Accord ???

  • drex95

    Clearly, my taste in styling and yours are on opposite ends of the spectrum. The Camry’s overdone spindle grille is just atrocious, as is the add-on plastic trim on the D pillar. Toyota is trying way too hard with these garish add-ons. One thing I always liked about the Accord is that they managed to keep it handsome and understated, not resorting to overstyling. Toyota used to do the same. Now they’ve gone to hanging on a whole slew of grotesque “sporty” pieces on the previous Camry’s boxy-ish basic body shape, making over-the-top styling as the #1 priority to make up for its dull predecessor. You can bedeck a pig with makeup and jewels, but it’s still not a runway model.

    And I didn’t quite get the comments about the interior. The Camry mostly retains its previous dashboard (at least the shape) which struck me as fussy and precious like Granny’s sweater with the lacy bib, with its weird top piece with the fake stitching and a center stack that looks inspired by a 2007 Legacy (IOW, boring and so over with even then). Yet it’s blocky enough to be in an F-350. Whereas the Accord dash has all kinds of swoopy lines. Look in your photos of the dashboard, particularly going toward the passenger side from the center stack. The Accord’s dash is graceful and flowing like the exterior of a sports car, while the Camry’s dash has all of the panache of a UPS truck.

    There are other comments that I’d challenge, but the styling evaluation stuck out the most.

  • Dustin

    Just a terrible choice for all around winner. The Camry is terribly boring and don’t even have turn signals in the mirrors.

  • phil

    you know,.. i want to like you guys at autoguide …but c’mon! some of your reviews really take away your credibility

    quote”Unlike some Camry redesigns in the past, there is no mistaking that the 2015 model is a new car” …eh!? .. NO! its in fact quite obviously nothing but a refreshed version of the out going model … and do you honestly find that giant gaping hole in the bumper to be an element of style ??? ..have you guys ever heard of conservative styling that lasts !? because thats not one. the accord has a well rounded, well proportionate, modern and premium looking body that is sure to look good next week, and in a few years.

    “Toyota infused the Camry interior with much-needed pizazz. Interesting styling elements and a better mix of materials in XSE model” …the interior and dash layout of the camry fits right in with the likes of a 2004 mazda6, or any other sedan from the early 2000’s … don’t you guys see that this simplistic square radio over hvac center stack looks a decade old?? don’t you guys see how much more modern and high end looking the accord’s dash is!?? it certainly is not the accord that quote ”feel cold and unimaginative”

    IMO and then in your own words the accord has a better engine, better trany, better steering and is better put together …

    this isn’t about biased and brand preferences… this is me scratching my head trying to make sense of this, make sense of you guys. competent car journalists couldn’t be so oblivious to facts and reality!?

    some people might not like newer hondas all that much, but if they have one car in their line up that proves they can still get it right, its the accord. its everything you’d expect and want from honda. its well designed, well engineered, well crafted, and well above the competition in all regards.

  • Phil

    well said!
    glad im not the only one shocked by this review ..
    no need to be a honda fan boy to admit the glaring superiority of the accord.

  • Dan

    It is strange – it’s almost like the authors should go back and read their own words. In their own words, the Accord is more efficient, has more power, drives better, and has better interior build quality. So, what does the Camry have going for it exactly? Oh, that’s right, a giant hole in the front bumper that looks like a 17 year old had too much fun with a jigsaw…

  • drex95

    Love your jigsaw comment… describes that eyesore perfectly!

  • The Terminator

    The Camry front end looks like a snake head with fangs, the Accord is conservative but not boring as the side panels have upper & lower flares to give the car a more streamlined look to it versus Blah for the Camry. The center stack is much better in the Accord with the split screens plus 5 different color choices on the display ! Having the Lane Watch for Right turns in city traffic with pedestrians / bicycles is a Huge safety advantage. Plus Honda offers the Accord in Coupe form too for those wanting a more performance type experience without jumping into a Mustang / Camaro that offer less technology & comfort. The backup camera in the Accord offers 3 different viewing angles to see what is behind. Technology in the Accord is better versus Camry plain & simple. There is No Highway wander in the Accord. The Accord steering makes it feel like a much smaller car … better handling.

  • USAvenger

    Ya gotta give it to ’em – Toyota is trying to go from bland to bold, but they’ve gone too far in the “bold” direction. Just as with the Lexus “hourglass grille”, this “big mouth bass” grille ruins it for me. They need to steal some of Mazda’s designers.

  • Curt


  • Dougyfd

    I think the editors got it right. The accord is a boxy bunch of angles on the outside. The dash layout with the double tiered stack is confusing to look at. The right side camera upon first impressions seems innovative until you’ve driven it and realize it’s not really useful, just a gimmick. The accord gps is confusing to try and use. You can’t beat the attractive and well laid out controls in the camry. Simple to figure out without a manual. I can’t believe that the editors didn’t notice that the base model accord & the top of the line model have a prop rod to support the hood & both models also have an anemic one note horn. The camry base model has hood struts and loud dual note horns . Even my 2004 accord ex v6 has both standard and that was 10 years ago. More nickel & dimeing by Honda. And lastly , the accord 4 cylinder is noticeably louder on acceleration than the Camry,probably a result of the direct injection. I drove the accord exv6 & while it was a good car ,I purchased a 15 camry xle v6. What a great car! And I’m a Honda guy. Roomy ,smooth ,quiet & fast. Car & driver just got a 14.3 @ 100 mph at the track. They described it as “properly quick”

  • Curt

    ok, so they say the car wanders? Are u kidding me. Reverse wound front coil springs in the front,like BMW, Audi, Lexus,Porsche, and Mercedes. Sport tuned electric power steering. These idiots wouldn’t know wander if it hit them in the face. Blind spot monitor on Camry is much more effective the lane watch as the system is always active. Set and forget. Car comes in your mirror, light comes on in mirror. Pretty simple. So let’s see: Camry v6 0-60=5.8 sec. Advanced telematics (Entune). Toyota are 2 year 25k factory maintenance and road side assistance. Camry hybrid $27k 40 mpg 0-60 6.9 sec. Camry=most dependable sedan after 3 years=J.D power and associates. Consumer Reports Best overall value, December 2014. IIHS 2015 top safety pick+ NO ACCORD here!

    Get your facts straight before u diarhia! Toyota stock price $128/share Honda stock price $36/ share on a good day.

    How u like me now.

  • Phil

    a good technical sheet doesn’t always translate into real life performance. because the spec sheets says sport tune electric power steering doesn’t mean its actually any good. I’m not going to determine who’s the best car based on their blind spot monitoring system. the accord V6 is just as fast and couldn’t care less about eny of the two hybrid variants. ..and its not like the accord is not a reliable car … and on the IIHS’ very own website you can see the ratings of the accord sedan; scored a ‘good’ rating in all categories. lastly, again, the stock price isn’t a factor in establishing that the camry would be a better car than the accord

  • TimothyVargas

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  • Jay Last

    I hate both of these cars, for different reasons, and probably hate the Accord more – but GMAFB, anyone that says the Camry is attractive is just completely ridiculous and not to be taken seriously. (The stupid cheap black plastic piece behind the rear door window is reason enough to not buy it).

  • Izgil Mardahayev

    Thanks for your review. I’m torn between Camry SE and Accord EX. They’re similarly priced but for the same money Accord comes with a sunroof, automatic side mirrors, right-side lane sensor, and a couple of other things that I can’t think of at the moment. I had an opportunity to drive XSE yesterday and it was lovely. I’ve yet to try out the Accord. I’ll be opting for the 4-cylinder model. What do you like about xle over xse? I really like the (x)se’ black interior.

  • I Luv Imports

    Confusing article. The overall sum of all the different elements clearly point to the Accord. Then you choose the Camry as your preference. Huh? I think the writers are probably just excited because the Camry is brand new. I remember reviews for both the 2007 Camry then the 2012 model in which writers gushed about Toyota’s new, bold styling which finally made the Camry sexy. Both times it was a case of writers getting a little excited over the redesign. I don’t think the new Camry is butt-ugly but there’s nothing about the styling that has made it leap ahead of the Accord. And I’m guessing in a year or two, you writers will find yourselves wondering what you were so excited about in the first place.

  • Ron

    Yeah, this article makes no sense at all. The Accord is superior in all the major catagories, yet comes in 2nd behind the Camry?

  • Gustavo Forastiere Sauro

    Do your homework, and continue to test drive the cars. Have you test driven a Mazda 6? How about a Hyundai Sonata, Ford Fusion? All of these cars have very close specs. It will come down to looks and driving dynamics. Accord Hybrid will give you the best MPG of the bunch; Camry, quietest cabin; Sonata and Fusion, a good average of all of the qualities, but probably better driving dynamics than the Camry IMHO. Again, test drive, read more serious reviews from MotorTrend and CarAndDriver; take your time if you want your money well spent. Most reviews are biased; people have a personal taste. I owned a 96 Camry, now a 06 Accord; my in-laws have an 2014 Camry… I would take the Accord every time. After almost ten years, it still looks and feels better than many brand new cars. Don’t take my word for it, though.

  • Gustavo Forastiere Sauro

    Take a look at Car And Driver’s midsize sedan-rank… providing they favor driving dynamics, the Camry came in 8th position.


  • Testingplease

    no matter. The Camry is fuglier now than a year ago, if that was even possibe.

  • Testingplease

    and looks like a bug of some kind…

  • Testingplease

    I dunno…The LaneWatch camera is FAR beyond a gimmick. Far ahead of it’s time.
    It’ll be something standard on most cars in the next 5-10 years.
    I love using it to move over.

  • Duke Tran

    I still drive my 93 Honda Accord with 211,500 miles and still running. I am going to keep it forever.

  • Duke Tran

    Lexus and Toyota designed cars look like Alien in the movie Predator. I like the look of the bold new Camry especially the SE model.

  • James

    Good gosh man have you never heard of a stock split? The price of a share of the manufacturer’s stock is a nonsense metric to compare cars with and outs you as a fanboi.

  • Martin.

    I stiil have my 1995 Accord. 180k miles. Just leased the Accord Sport. Handles very well. I love everything about it. Just took a long trip. I want to get rid of the car. The comfort level is a zero. If you a have a little bit of back pain and want severe back pain buy this car. Lumbar support is awful. I cant believe Honda went cheap with the seats. My right leg went to sleep on my trip. I couldnt feel hitting the gas pedal.Im still suffering. I cant enjoy the car. I called Honda Corporate 1-800-999-1009. And filed a complaint. I was thinking about putting my 1995 seats and putting them into my 2015. Do yourself a favor and do you research before buying this car.

  • Kaas

    Don’t know why they said the Camry wanders on the highway. Drove a new one from a rental company for several hundred miles and it never wandered at all. Weird.

  • Kaas

    Funny! I’m reading the comments and any reviewer who thinks the Accord is better than Camry gets roasted by the Toyota freaks and vice-versa. Both cars are excellent, although I do like Hondas a lot I ended up with a new Camry and love it.My wife’s 2000 Tacoma with 100K on it still looks and runs like new, everything works and has NEVER been in the shop. My friend’s Honda, not so good. Perhaps it was that track record that biased my decision and the fact that the new Camry is the most American car made today using 75% domestic parts.Maintenance and care is everything, perhaps he didn’t maintain it well, I don’t know. Change your oil more often than the manual says, I change ours very 2,500 miles when using non-synthetic oil, it’s the best thing you can do for your vehicle.

  • Kaas

    I’m probably the last person you want to ask about oil changes because my dad was a mechanic most of his life and he taught me to change it every 2,000 miles, which I have been doing for decades.But now because these new overhead cam engines no longer have push-rods and the synthetic/blends are so advanced you can go much longer before changing the oil but I’ll still be changing mine way earlier than what the mfgr recommends.

  • William Gale

    Jay, I bought one but that black piece is indeed ugly and almost caused me not to buy it ….. Got such a good price though that I couldn’t refuse it. ….. Drives very nice … Smooth, quiet but there is more tire noise ( michelins ) than I would like but I think that’s common in cars in this price range.