Toyota Recall News Hub

13 Toyota Recall News Hub

Amidst the continuing controversy and confusion surrounding the numerous Toyota recalls, we at have decided to launch the TOYOTA RECALL NEWS HUB. Featured on our home page and constantly updated through our news blog, we aim to bring you the very latest in recall-related news as well as list important information about what vehicles are recalled and what owners should be doing.

The Toyota Recall News Hub features two main sections, a CONSUMER section listing what owners of recalled Toyota owners need to know, as well as an INDUSTRY section reporting on all related stories, emerging news and the fallout from the ongoing crisis at Toyota that consumers and the general public want to know. The INDUSTRY section will also feature links to more salacious stories and breaking news alerts from AutoGuide affiliate, as well as from other major industry sources.

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Below is a list of articles related to both the Accelerator Pedal recall and the Floor Mat Entrapment recall. The accelerator pedal recall affects 2.3 million vehicles in North America, including eight models: 2009-2010 RAV4, 2009-2010 Corolla, 2009-2010 Matrix, 2005-2010 Avalon, 2007-2010 Camry, 2010 Highlander, 2007-2010 Tundra and 2008-2010 Sequoia.

As for the 5.5 million vehicles recalled for “Floor Mat Entrapment,” they include: 2005-2010 Avalon, 2007-2010 Camry, 2009-2010 Corolla, 2008-2010 Highlander, 2009-2010 Matrix, 2004-2009 Prius, 2005-2010 Tacoma, 2007-2010 Tundra, 2009-2010 Venza.


Sticking Accelerator Pedal Recall –

Floormat Pedal Entrapment Recall –

Recall Notice: Toyota Recalls 2.3 Million Vehicles over Sticking Accelerator Pedal

Recall Notice: Toyota Recalls 3.8 Million Vehicles to Replace or Reshape Gas Pedals

Recall Notice: Toyota Officially Recalls 2010 Prius and Lexus HS250h Over ABS Bake Issues


Toyota Fights Back, Challenging ABC News and Expert Over Recreated Sudden Acceleration

Recall Notice: Toyota Officially Recalls 2010 Prius and Lexus HS250h Over ABS Bake Issues

Toyota Announces Fix for Pedal Recall

Toyota to Begin Accelerator Pedal Fix This Week

Department of Transportation Investigating Toyota Electronics as Cause of Unintended Acceleration

Committee to Investigate Complaints Over Toyota Tacoma Denso Pedals

Toyota Admits New Prius Did Have Brake Problems

PSA: Toyota Answers Top 10 Questions About Pedal Recall


PSA: Toyota Launches Recall Website


What To Do if Your Car has a Sticking Gas Pedal or Unintendedly Accelerates



Below is a list of the most up to day Industry news stories on the Toyota recall notices and the fallout resulting from them. Article topics include Toyota sales, ongoing investigations by the Department of Transportation, New Toyota recall rumors (including the 2010 Toyota Prius) and the controversy surrounding Toyota’s unwillingness to work with the Department of Transportation and the DOT’s possible vendetta against Toyota. AutoGuide will keep this section updated with the newest content available.

Orange County District Attorney to Sue Toyota

Toyota Critic Safety Research & Strategies Founder Admits Report Funding Came From Firms Suing Toyota

Autoline’s John McElroy Calls Out ABC News Over Toyota Unintended Acceleration Story

Breaking: Toyota Recall Documents Subpoenaed by U.S. Grand Jury, SEC

Toyota Expands Brake Override Feature to Tacoma, Venza and Sequoia

Toyota President Jim Lentz Reiterates Recall is Mechanical Not Electric in House Committee Testimony

Toyota Facing Possible NHTSA Investigation Over Corolla Electric Steering Issues

Breaking: Toyota to Recall Prius Hybrid

Toyota CEO Makes Public Apology, Announces Safety Taskforce

Toyota Could Face Government Fine Over Delayed Recalls

Toyota Expands Brake Investigation to Cover All Hybrids After Admitting Issues With the Prius

NHTSA to Investigate Electrical Interference from Cell Phones as Possible Cause of Unintended Acceleration

Japan Orders Toyota to Investigate Prius Brakes

Toyota Loses Market Share on Suspended Sales, Recall Notices

Committee to Investigate Complaints Over Toyota Tacoma Denso Pedals

Transportation Secretary Tells Toyota Owners Not to Drive Recalled Cars

LaHood Retracts Statement Telling Toyota Owners to “Stop Driving” Their Cars

Toyota Owners Should Keep Driving Recalled Cars Despite Safety Issue Says Toyota

Toyota’s Jim Lentz Denies Cover-Up Over Accelerator Issue

Toyota Recalls 1.8 Million Cars in Europe Due to Sticking Accelerator Pedals

Toyota Adds 1.1 Million More Vehicles to Floor Mat Recall

Toyota Suspends Sale of Eight Models Including Camry, Corolla

Toyota Chief Apologizes for Recall Then Steps into an Audi

Toyota to Provide Tech-Support for Apple Co-Founder’s Prius

Apple Co-Founder Says His Prius Has Software-Related Unintended Acceleration

Lawyers Ask Court to Stop Toyota From Fixing Cars –

TTAC’s Complete Guide to Toyota’s Gas Pedals: Teardown Pictures, Toyota’s Fix, Analysis –

How Toyota’s President Lies to Matt Lauer –

Toyota Asked to Make Payments for Customers in New Class Act Suit –

After NHTSA Investigator Hired by Toyota, Serious Unintended Acceleration Cases Ignored –

  • Julie Morrison

    Our 2009 Corolla has had many issues with low idle. Often, it almost wants to stall, but doesn’t. It has a “shuddering” feel, the tach drops real low, then will go back to where it belongs. This happens often, as I mentioned when coming to a stop, going into first gear, or when backing into my driveway in reverse. I have driven nothing but manual transmissions for over 25 years, so I do know how to drive stick shift. I have taken the Corolla to the dealership 3 times, but they say they “can not duplicate”. And this doesn’t happen all the time with the very low idle, but enough where I have major issues with this problem. It probably happens 12 times a week. I only drive my Corolla from the months of April-November, as I drive my Jeep in the winter months. It worries me, because I don’t want to get rear ended or T-boned when I am trying to go forward or reverse and the car’s idle drops so low, I almost stall.

  • tom

    my wife’s 2009 Corolla LE did the same thing, it started after a few years intermittently and after having a fuel injector service done at 100000 kilometers(62K miles) it stopped. you may want to try that. The car now has 110000 km on it purrs like a kitten.

  • tom

    correction above 1999 Corolla LE… what was I thinking, but same symptoms

  • Ray

    I just returned from the dealer regarding the sticking accelerator and it just amazes me that so much is being said about so little. The recall consists of very small shim that is put under the accelerator pedal which probably has a cost of $1. No big deal at all. The media vultures and National Transpo should be ashamed of themselves for blowing this all out of proportion. The media vultures I understand their thirst for a hot story and the blood that goes along with creating hysteria but the National Transpo is just plain silly. This recall is not a Pinto or Audi replay. No wonder the economy is still in the tank and US workers are on welfare and food stamps when the best car manufacturer in the world cannot sell their vehicles due to some phony imagined problem. Any media vultures want to put in their 2 cent opinions?

  • Gerry

    What about FORD they have the same problem with the sticky gas pedal from the same supplier do you see the media ripping them apart no that is because it is a domestic manufacture they don’t what to offend them that is because they will not get a free ride with them using their vehicle anymore.

  • Terri

    I have owned nothing but Toyotas since 1978. They have always been the best built and most reliable car I’ve owned. While I breathed a sigh of relief that my Tundra wasn’t involved in the recall, I will remain loyal to Toyota always. I find it curious that Toyota’s recall issues seem to be drawing more attention than the American built SUVs with the rollover issues. Maybe our government has an agenda in trying to boost American brands over their competitor that virtually left them in the dust where technology and quality were concerned. TOYOTA RULES!

  • Parker

    I am (was) a Toyota fan until…\Toyota takes Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s Prius to test for a week because of Wozniak’s complaint\
    Is his life more valuable than mine? He can afford buy another damn car to drive if he thinks there is a problem. I demand Toyota send technicians to my house immediately and pick up my Toyota\ What a stupid PR move!

  • Wayne

    BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – A Toyota Tundra crashed into the showroom at All Star Toyota on Airline Hwy. near Goodwood Blvd. in Baton Rouge on Saturday morning. Officers said a customer tried to return his truck following a recent recall on the accelerator.

    According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, the general manager offered to fix the truck and repeatedly offered to give the customer a loaner in the meantime, but the customer declined and left the building. Police reported the man then drove his Toyota into the side of the dealership, causing major damage to the truck and the building.

    The customer claimed his accelerator became stuck, causing the crash. All Star said the truck was purchased last March and did not have any records of mechanical problems.

    Police added the accelerator was not stuck when they examined the truck after the crash, but they could not find any evidence that the crash was intentional. The driver was not ticketed.

  • angela thompson

    2009 corolla idle fluctuates between 900 rpms to 800 it also acts like a shudderig when comming to astop run rough after ecm reflash dealers says no codes run good tech also agreed it fluctuates gulf states tech says erase ecm re-learn drvers habit it only has 7100 miles on it this problem exist all the time but the shuddering is intermitting but this started at 5000 miles when they did ecm reflash prior car ran smooth no shuddering code came up when check engine light come on saying number 3 cly misfire

  • chris jonery

    I drive a 2010 corolla le and I recently had the shim put in the pedal as per the recall.I find the car idles about 2-300 rpm lower and was wondering if anyone else noticed this after they had the fix done??tia

  • george

    After all the anxiety Toyota has caused its customers, not to mention the reduced resale values, and most of all our confidence and trust, I would like to see all Toyota owners put a little heat on Toyota and demand a 100k mile extended warranty for all of us who have purchased a 2009 or 2010 new vehicle. Most of their competitors already do this,it would not cost Toyota anything, and would instill confidence and prove to us that Toyota believes in its vehicles and will stand behind them.Any thoughts on how this could be done to make more of an impact?

  • darell

    the japs tried to cover everything up-afraid it would get in their pocketbook.they will go to whatever means possible to try to put comp. out of business.. americans need to wake up.. hey ray the $1 VERY SMALL SHIM may fix your car-not be a big deal to you- go ask the families of the dead people is it a big deal to them.. so the media has blown it all out of proportion & its no big deal.. sorry ray its a very big deal I’ll never ride in another TOYOTA!!!!!!!

  • Tony

    The american congress are the ones benifiting from all this because someone is putting alot of cash in their pockets to keep wapping!!!!!!!1