Mercedes C-Class Coupe Confirmed for Production

Mercedes C-Class Coupe Confirmed for Production

After numerous rumors and reports, Mercedes has officially confirmed that it will build a C-Class Coupe model starting next year. The announcement comes as part of a larger press released which says the car will be built at the company’s Bremen plant, where the C-Class sedan is also made.

With the E-Class Coupe (above) riding on a similar platform to the C-Class Sedan, the C-Class Coupe will presumably get a shortened version of the same setup. We also expect a slightly less premium interior for the C-Class Coupe and a price point more in keeping with competitors like the 3 Series and Infiniti G37. In addition, unless Mercedes makes any engine developments over the next few months (which we hope), the Coupe should come with the same engine options as the Sedan, with the 268-hp, 3.5-liter V6 as the top option.

Mercedes is likely to show either a concept or production model this Fall at the Paris Auto Show, with a convertible version to follow.

Official release after the jump:


Mercedes-Benz plant Bremen: Bremen plant to produce additional model of the C Class model range as of 2011

Development as a competence centre: Bremen plant expanding production operations to include Coupé of the C-Class New variant to be produced in addition to the C-Class Saloon, the C-Class Estate and the GLK as of 2011 Flexible production: Coupé to be produced with three existing models on a single line Peter Schabert, Head of the Bremen plant: “Decision another milestone on our way to becoming the C-Class competence centre and a clear sign of trust in Bremen team’s capabilities and standards.”

Bremen – The Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen is gearing up for the production of a fourth model of the high-volume C-Class model range. As of 2011, a Coupé will be added to a flexible production line, which already produces the three existing models. This will be a new addition to Bremen’s current production portfolio in the C-Class segment, comprising the Saloon, the Estate and the compact GLK sport utility vehicle (SUV).

“The decision by the Board of Management to produce the Coupé version of the current C-Class here in Bremen as well represents another important milestone on our way to becoming Mercedes’ competence centre for the C-Class and is a clear sign of the trust in the Bremen team’s capabilities and standards,” says Peter Schabert, Head of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen.

The Bremen plant is developed into the worldwide competence centre for the high-volume C-Class model series. Allocating production of the new Coupé to the plant is in keeping with this strategy. As announced in December 2009, the launch of the next generation of the C-Class at the plant as of 2014 will see production of the C-Class Saloon for markets in Europe concentrated at a single location together with the production of the other C-Class model variants.

Flexible production The Bremen plant is already demonstrating the flexibility of its production operations by producing three models (C-Class Saloon, C-Class Estate and GLK) on a single assembly line. The vehicles are able to pass along the assembly line in any conceivable order precisely as customer orders require, irrespective of model, variant (right- or left-hand drive, all-wheel or rear-wheel drive) and equipment. From 2011 the Bremen plant will be integrating a fourth model into the production process in the guise of the Coupé, demonstrating the plant’s flexibility once again. Production portfolio of the Bremen plant In addition to the models of the C-Class model series, vehicles belonging to the E-Class are also produced in Bremen, with the Coupé and Cabrio running in flexible configuration on a single production line. The roadsters of the SL- and SLK-Class are also produced exclusively in Bremen. With a workforce of around 12,600, the Mercedes-Benz plant is the largest private-sector employer in the region.