Toyota Prius V Video, First Look at the More Versatile Prius

Toyota Prius V Video, First Look at the More Versatile Prius

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After 13 years on the market, Toyota has finally decided to expand the Prius name into a complete lineup of vehicles, starting with the Prius V. And why not; the Prius has already grown into a brand, described by Toyota Division VP and General Manager Bob Carter as being synonymous with the very word hybrid in the same way Kleenex is used for tissue. It also makes up more than half of all hybrid sales in the U.S.

At first glance the v looks like a conventional Prius with an extended roofline, but the car is actually six inches longer and has a three-inch longer wheelbase. Along with more passenger room, Toyota also says the v delivers 60 percent more cargo space than the standard model.

Powered by the same 134-hp Hybrid Synergy Drive, the Prius v will get 38-mpg city and 42-mpg highway for a 40-mpg combined rating.

Look for complete details on the new Prius v in the near future, with Toyota promising to have models in dealerships by the summer.

GALLERY: Toyota Prius V