2012 Honda CR-V Photos Leaked

2012 Honda CR-V Photos Leaked

Honda has already teased us with a concept version of its new 2012 CR-V crossover, but now several images have hit the net of what appears to be the production model. Shots of the partially uncovered exterior don’t real much, although several interior images do give a much clearer idea of what to expect when the net generation CR-V goes on sale.

Noticeably absent in these photos is Honda’s new i-MID telematics system, which debuted on the new 2012 Civic. This is, however, a Chinese-market model and we expect the i-MID setup (or something similar) to be offered here.

While the CR-V is expected to grow in size, like the Civic, huge changes for the powertrain aren’t likely, although do expect a bump of a few miles per gallon in fuel economy. Honda has yet to announce any details of the 2012 CR-V’s release date, but look for an LA Auto Show debut.

[Source: ChinaCarTimes]

  • Sandie Keyser

    Have you improved the blind spot on right rear? It is so bad, I want to trade by 2009 for something with clear vision.

  • Petcharat

    I need to see new crv 2012 because I need to buy now I use crv 2003. I like it ‘ easy to drive but it ‘ not good it used so much oil I need engine 2000 2w. I wait and buy.

  • john caroljohn

    At the Prescott Honda dealer on Sep. 17 I learned that Honda has ‘build dates” for the 2011 CRV up to at least mid October, and , it takes about 6 weeks to ship the CRV to the states. etc. SO, I am thinking that one cannot expect delivery of a 2012 CR-V until at least mid December!!!!. SO I am sick and tired of waiting and of the complete lack of information.

    Honda is missing sales daily,. If they would just publish some detailed information, the waiting customers may well wait a little more.

  • Me

    I COMPLETELY AGREE! They need BETTER communication. This ISN’T building suspense…it’s just frustrating!!!

  • Dale S

    Totally agree with comments regarding lack of information, details, photos. Due to my 1994 Camry being totaled in an accident, my wife and I need a car NOW! We want a CR-V but don’t like the rear window configuration/lack of visibility on the 2011 and prior. We have a 2003 Highlander we are keeping and may have to go back to Toyota for our second car. Honda, please help your frustrated, potential customers!

  • Colum Wood
  • elisha

    Wow … I like its design