Top Gear USA Consulting Producer Wrecks Camaro ZL1

Top Gear USA Consulting Producer Wrecks Camaro ZL1

Rumors ran through Twitter today, stirring a frenzy of questions and snarky comments after word escaped that someone wrecked a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 at the Virginia International Raceway today.

Well, it turns out that the rumors were true and the wrecker was Top Gear USA consulting producer Aaron Gold. The picture appeared on Gold’s Facebook page, along with comments that he was OK and that the damage, according to GM, was purely cosmetic.

While we’re not shedding any tears of the auto giant having to fix one of their latest and greatest, it’s pretty funny when these sorts of incidents make the news. After all, press cars are put through automotive hell on a regular basis and these things happen with relative frequency.

While it’s never good to crash a car, it’s probably better to do it when there’s a chance the manufacturer will pick up the repair tab. We’re glad nobody got hurt.

[Source: Facebook via Jalopnik]

  • Phil

    Add that guy to the long list of people who will not drive any vehicle of mine..

  • Rick

    Us GM guys and girls in Oshawa will be happy to make you a new ZL1 !!!

  • Downforce

    nice metaphor for Top Gear USA