Buick Grand National, GNX to Return on Cadillac ATS Platform

Buick Grand National, GNX to Return on Cadillac ATS Platform

The Buick brand is about to get a lot more exciting, with the return of rear-drive turbocharged coupes, with legendary names like Grand National and GNX.

First reported by AutoGuide forum community GMInsideNews this summer, a source inside the company has now reportedly confirmed that a three model lineup of rear-drive Buicks is planned.

First up will be the T-Type, forming the basis of the brand, while a Grand National (available in black only) will be the performance model. GM’s current 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylidner as found in the ATS is possible, though a twin-turbo V6 is also rumored with power between 350 and 400 hp.

As for the top-tier GNX model, it will most certainly use a turbocharged V6 or more, with the possibility of the new C7 Corvette’s LT1 V8. GM has already confirmed that the engine will fit in the ATS chassis.

With a unique interior and exterior to the Cadillac, it’s expected that the new Buick coupes will share everything from the suspension, brakes and steering with the ATS.

[Source: InsideLine

  • Dozer963

    make mine BLACK

  • 87gn_44114

    Own a factory stock ’87 with full documentation since new . . . I’ll be the first in line at the local dealer for this one!!

  • Salesbagdavidl

    I work for a Buick dealer and we just got the GS Twin intercooler carbon Black in yesterday. All I can say is SWEEEEET. And as soon as the coupe is avaliable I will be ordering one…