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Buick is an American automaker owned by General Motors, and has been around since 1898. Buick introduced the first closed body car. Today, Buick is re-building its luxury brand image that it attained in the 1970’s with the Regal and Lacrosse.

Smallest Cars on Sale Today

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Diminutive. Tiny. Efficient. Whatever you call them, these are the smallest new cars you can buy. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Most Comfortable SUVs on Sale Today

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When it first entered our common lexicon, the “Sport Utility Vehicle” moniker was reserved for wagon-style vehicles riding on traditional truck platforms. Continue Reading...

The Slowest-Selling New Vehicles of 2020 (So Far)

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SUVs and crossovers top the list, which could spell great deals if you’re in the market. Continue Reading...

Consumer Reports: Tahoe, Yukon and GLS Among the Most Reliable 3-Row SUVs

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Looking for a reliable full-size used SUV? According to Consumer Reports, the Chevrolet Tahoe and Buick Enclave could be the answer?  Continue Reading...