Buick's New Electric SUV Concept Has 550 HP

Sean Szymkowski
by Sean Szymkowski

After teasing the vehicle earlier this month, Buick has revealed the rather handsome looking Enspire electric SUV concept.

In Tuesday’s reveal, Buick didn’t give away too many details, but the sleek battery-electric SUV features the brand’s eMotion electric propulsion technology. Additional powertrain details weren’t given, but the Enspire can produce a maximum of 550 horsepower and sprint from 0-60 mph in just 4 seconds.

The battery pack’s specs are also unknown, though Buick said the Enspire can go 370 miles on a charge, and it supports fast and wireless charging. In 40 minutes, 80 percent of the battery’s range will be recharged with a fast charging station.

As for the exterior design, Buick said aerodynamics help accentuate a sculptural look. The Enspire SUV concept does bear some resemblance to Buick’s most-recent concept vehicles, namely the Avista sport coupe. The front fascia wears sharp headlights with LED accents highlighting the creases, while Buick’s winged-element grille is more integrated with the lights themselves. A blue-colored bottom grille also provides contrast to the red sheet metal.

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The rear blends fluid lines with sharp creases. The taillights span the entire rear in a thin LED strip and also bear Buick’s winged-element look, which lend to the SUV’s wide stance. Just below the lighting element sits a Buick badge with the brand’s name spelled out across the rear liftgate.

Inside the Enspire concept, designers aimed for a “surround skyline” interior theme to emulate a bright and airy feeling. Technology is also front and center with an OLED screen and an intelligent augmented reality technology-based head-up display system. Buick also said a 5G high-speed network concept is on board.

It’s unclear if the Enspire concept previews some sort of Buick electric vehicle, and Buick simply called the SUV an “exploration” of future design ideas and technologies. The Enspire concept will appear at the Beijing Auto Show next week, which opens on April 25.

A version of this story originally appeared on Hybrid Cars.

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