What is Mazda Skyactiv Technology?

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Mazda's approach in car manufacturing is deeply rooted in its historical ties to Hiroshima. This region, known for its robust manufacturing sector, has been instrumental in Mazda's growth and innovation. The resilience and determination demonstrated by Hiroshima, especially after the devastation of World War II, have significantly influenced Mazda's ethos. This is evident in the company's unique endeavors, such as the development of the rotary engine.

Refocusing on Fundamental Performance

In an industry racing to incorporate new technologies, Mazda chose a different path. The company questioned the effectiveness of merely adding advanced technologies to enhance driving pleasure. This introspection led to a decision: returning to the basics. By re-examining and re-engineering the fundamental components of the brand's vehicles, Mazda went away from conventional approaches. This approach birthed the SKYACTIV suite of technologies, with a goal to improve automotive performance while simultaneously enhancing the joy of driving.

SKYACTIV: Engine, Transmission, and Body

The SKYACTIV technology incorporates multiple facets of vehicle design and performance. This includes gasoline and diesel engines that try to blend efficiency, power, and enjoyment. The transmission systems have been refined to offer control and contribute to fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the development of a new lightweight yet sturdy platform markedly improves the vehicle's primary functions - acceleration, turning, and stopping.

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AutoGuide.com Staff
AutoGuide.com Staff

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