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If you’ve ever walked to your car or truck in the morning and saw one of your tires low, you know how valuable a quality tire inflator can be. And not every tire inflator is up to a big job like inflating a truck or Jeep tire. But we have good news! Right now you can save 28% on a Fanttik X9 Ultra Portable Tire Inflator – that’s a discount of $70 by checking the COUPON plus using the code X9ULTRA3IN1.

What Sets The Fanttik X9 Ultra Apart?

The Fanttik X9 Ultra is a robust tire inflator that is built to be able to quickly inflate even the largest truck or Jeep tires. It is capable of inflating a Raptor F150 tire from 30 to 35 psi in just 40 seconds, or from 0 to 35 psi in around 4 minutes and 13 seconds.

But this is more than just a tire inflator. The Fanttik X9 Ultra is a 3-in-1 unit that also serves as a portable power station and a lighting solution. You can easily charge your smart phone, laptop, camera, or pretty much any other device you have on hand.

And when the sun goes down, Fanttik X9 Ultra can help light up your campsite or anything else that needs some illumination.

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