2013 AutoGuide.com Reader’s Choice Car of the Year Winners Announced

2013 AutoGuide.com Reader’s Choice Car of the Year Winners Announced

Letting you have your say, AutoGuide.com has tabulated the votes of its first ever Reader’s Choice Car of the Year Awards with four winners in six categories and a major coup for Tesla and its new Model S electric luxury sedan.

“Polling readers, as well as reaching out to the over 30 million monthly visitors on the over 360 automotive forums that make up the AutoGuide.com network, the Reader’s Choice Awards are about letting consumers pick their favorite new vehicles,” said AutoGuide.com Editor-in-Chief Colum Wood. “By reaching out to car shoppers as well as to the enthusiasts on our many forums, we’re able to take the pulse of what vehicles really resonate in the marketplace.”

That said, it’s clear the Tesla Model S is a fan favorite, taking home not only the overall Reader’s Choice Car of the Year award, but also picking up awards in the Reader’s Choice categories of Luxury Car of the Year and Green Car of the Year.

See a full list of the winners in each category below:

Reader’s Choice Car of the Year:

Tesla Model S

Reader’s Choice Sports Car of the Year:
Subaru BRZ

Reader’s Choice Crossover of the Year:

Ford Escape

Reader’s Choice Luxury Crossover of the Year:

Acura RDX

Reader’s Choice Luxury Car of the Year:

Tesla Model S

Reader’s Choice Green Car of the Year:

Tesla Model S

  • No FR-S? The readers have spoken!

  • J Mack

    Tesla? Really? What’s wrong with you people.

  • This is what you get when hippies are rulling the world! A car no one can afford! But gives you a tingle up the leg when you are near it! 

  • Baileynorrie

    i was disapointed in the options during the poll. alot of the selection i didnt care for besides the brz

  • J Mack

     The options were essentially every new sports car.

  • Stephen Pace

    @CivilGuy:  I hate to break it to you, but there are plenty of people can afford a base $50k car (after tax credit).  I see a lot of BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus and Audis in a similar price range driving around that aren’t half as sexy as the Tesla.

  • Stephen Pace

    @J Mack:  Like every other automotive publication this year, I guess they have taste.

  • Looonyz

    Model S by far the best choice, hands down, no competition here!!!

  • Dr. Bob

    I find it hard to believe that a car that is totally incompatible with the existing infrastructure for fuel delivery can receive any recognition.  This car was built on taxpayer funds and the battery manufacturer is failing financially.  Diesel vehicles can give lower over GHG emissions than EV’s any day, and drive across the country with no issues.  As with the Volt. Only a few will buy this car and will be disappointed with the experience.

  • Dr’s Bob’s an Idiot

    Yeah right–there’s not a single electric outlet anywhere. What are you, a fucking idiot?

  • I Voted With My Wallet….  2013 Chrysler 200 Limited With Sunroof…

  • MistyGreen

    The government invested less than a billion dollars in Tesla, and DOZENS of billions in GM.  So which car is being paid for with taxpayer money again?

  • WL2038

    MOPAR or NO CAR! Dodge Challenger R/T forever!

  • Golf7

    Bof, and why not an European car ? Are US journalists chauvinistic ?
    Many consider VW Gold 7 as a serious pretender

  • James Buscemi

    BRZ will destroy the too heavy Challenger and Charger. Grow up.