2014 Mercedes CLA Revealed With Premium Style, Budget Price

2014 Mercedes CLA Revealed With Premium Style, Budget Price

Mercedes-Benz revealed a brand-new compact car on the eve of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The CLA-Class is the company’s latest effort to attract younger buyers to the brand.

This car is a little smaller than the C-Class, a staple of the Mercedes lineup. With a projected starting price of around $30,000 it’s also expected to cost a little less than its stablemate — about five grand less.

The CLA-Class design borrows heavily from the CLS — as it should. The company is billing them both a four-door coupes. Mercedes representatives say the car’s styling is very emotional, and it truly makes a bold statement on stage. Its side glass, also known as the “daylight opening” or DLO for short looks like it was pulled directly from the CLS, at about three-fifths scale.

Interestingly, that design isn’t just for looks. The CLA-Class positively slices through the air. Its coefficient of drag is a claimed 0.22, which Mercedes says is the best for any production car.

As for the mechanicals, the only powertrain mentioned at the unveil was a 208 horsepower, turbocharged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine with 258 lb-ft of torque. It should be matched to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission for lightening-fast shifts.

All-wheel drive will be offered. The company’s latest 4MATIC system was tailor made for front-wheel-drive applications and it supposedly tips the scales  at a featherweight 70 kilograms, about 155 pounds.

If you were hoping to get a glimpse of the brand-new Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class in Detroit, here’s a bit of bad news. The car will not be shown in COBO hall. Its official reveal will be at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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Correction: The CLA-Class is actually fractionally larger than the C-Class in a few key exterior dimensions. The C-Class has a slightly longer wheelbase. Interior volume measurements of the CLA have not been determined at this time.

  • as beautiful as possible! I hope it really comes to USA

  • prophecy

    These people need to start offering no schedule maintenance fee for 3-4 years instead of $250-$500/oil change as they currently do, if they are to compete with their competitors. 

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • Sean Cairns

    je t’aime, je suis fou de toi, je ressens un amour fou pour toi

  • gevgev

    Actually they have just started that. My new SLK came with 2yr/20,000 coverage for only $5 more for “STAR Service prepaid maintenance”.12mo$5 = $60 only…

  • Denny Prime

    Agreed.  Our last two Audi’s had it, but our Mercedes did not.
    That said, if you are paying $250-$500 for an oil change, you need a new dealer.  Our car was serviced every 10k up to to the 50k service (currently at 49k) and with the exception of when we needed tires, the services were not that bad…

  • Denny Prime

    Forgot to mention, current ride is a W212 E350…

  • Karron0624

    If you buy it, you can pay the bills. That said, why are your oil changes 250-500. Mine are only 150 from the dealer. Either your lying or you need a new one.

  • favour

     i love it and i must have one this year