Audi Nanuk, Quattro Concepts Under Consideration for Production

Audi Nanuk, Quattro Concepts Under Consideration for Production

Twice now, Audi has shown off a next-generation quattro concept, but this time around we might actually see it head to production.

According to the director of the German automaker’s UK arm, Audi will be launching a series of top-end vehicles based on recent concepts such as the Audi quattro and even the wildNanuk. “Every concept we show has production possibilities, and these cars are no different,” said André Konsbruck in regards to the Nanuk and quattro concept.

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Though neither vehicle has been confirmed for actual production, both have production viability according to Konsbruck and are undergoing customer testing and internal evaluation to see if there’s a valid business case for either or both vehicles.

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Konsbruck admits that those vehicles are clearly for niche markets and will push the price ceiling on the brand upwards, but will also raise the brand’s image in addition to building the desirability of Audi as a whole.

“However popular they are, we cannot just build Audi A3s, that’s clear,” Konsbruck elaborated. “Audi has always done special projects to drive its premium image, and cars like the Quattro and Nanuk could achieve that.”

GALLERY: Audi Sport Quattro Concept


GALLERY: Audi Nanuk Concept


[Source: Autocar]

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  • Honest Abe

    I call BS. They’ll never build that Nanuk.