2015 Acura TLX Revealed With 8 or 9-Speeds

2015 Acura TLX Revealed With 8 or 9-Speeds

Completing Acura’s sedan lineup and continuing its new technology push, the all-new TLX model has been revealed today at the Detroit Auto Show with the choice of either an eight-speed or nine-speed automatic transmission.

While technically a concept, true to tradition the car is a thinly veiled version of the production model.

Replacing both the TL and TSX the TLX is 3.8 inches shorter than the current TL but mirrors that car’s 109.3-inch wheelbase. As a result, it fits right into the middle of the ILX and RLX in the brand’s three-car sedan lineup.

The big news, however, is what’s under the hood. Surprisingly it’s not the engines but two all-new transmissions. Rather than the six-speed automatic or even the new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, Acura will offer either an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission or nine-speed automatic.

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The TLX will also be available with two engines and with either front- or all-wheel drive. A new direct-injection 2.4-liter four-cylinder that Acura promises is “significantly lighter” than the brand’s previous 2.4L will come mated to the eight-speed DCT, while a 3.5-liter V6 gains the new nine-speed automatic.

Both engines will be offered in a front-wheel drive package with Acura’s Precision All-Wheel Steer (or P-AWS).

As for the all-wheel drive models, they will come exclusively with the V6 and nine-speed and the latest version of the brand’s SH-AWD system.

It isn’t surprising considering the multi-geared transmissions, but Acura is claiming fuel economy for the car will be class-leading.

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To maximize driver enjoyment, the TLX will come with another Acura first called the “Integrated Dynamics System.” The system will deliver four driving modes to better customize the drive: ECON, Normal, Sport and Sport Plus. Each drive mode will adjust the settings for the electric power steering, throttle response, SH-AWD and P-AWS control logic, transmission shift timing and the Active Noise Control setting.

A long list of safety and convenience features will be available including a collision mitigating braking system, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, a blind spot indicator and adaptive cruise control with a low-speed follow function.

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On display in Detroit the TLX Prototype is shod in a stunning Athletic Red Pearl paint and features Acura’s signature Jewel Eye LED headlights and big 20-inch wheels wrapped in wide 265/30ZR20 tires.

The TLX production model could debut as early at the Chicago Auto Show next month with an on-sale date for the 2015 model year car set to come later this year.

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  • goodone

    no 6mt no care

  • Shiratori1

    and no one cares about your manual transmission elitism. The days of the manual transmission ARE NUMBERED. It’s time to suck it up and get over it.

  • IK28

    Ahhh the pretentious and elitist MT driver that feels the need to assert his manliness surfaces again. I like MT but honestly with how good the new DCTs are in terms of shift quality and speed there’s no use for a manual transmission now. The DCT will allow this car to be fun when needed and comfortable and liveable when stuck in traffic, the best of both worlds. You MT extremists are just as bad as religious nuts and PC gamers.

  • ColumWood

    Sadly, it seems the 6MT is no more.

  • Alfie

    I love DCTs, but the MT is just so much more fun.

  • Rick Vieira

    Want a manual then get a pure sports car like a MX-5. For Luxury Sedans auto is king

  • boe_d

    FUGLY beak again!?!?

    No high MPG hybrid like the accord

    No folding mirrors

    No dual exhaust (not terribly important)

    No way. After being a huge fan since my 2G TL and loving the 3G TL and hoping the butt ugly 4G was just a fluke, I’m ready to move on. Too bad Acura played it so poorly.

  • Lovethemannytranny

    Wow, does it really matter if we like to drive manual transmission cars? Automatic are for lazy, pansy ass drivers who don’t know how to multitask. And that is why manuals are going to the ways side – because everyone now a days are lazy.

  • Phil

    This new TLX is IMO perfectly executed. it looks sharp on every angle, and more importantly, looks way nicer than the outgoing TL. I love everything about it and can’t believe that people do nothing but bitch systematically every time Honda release something new.

  • Shiratori1

    Like I said, manual transmission ELITISM………smh

  • HOOnda

    Paddle shifting is no replacement for a manual. I appreciate the efficiency and performance gains from a DCT, but no way does it give the same level of engagement as a manual.

  • Roger

    Ahh, the elitist and pretentious know-it-all who thinks everyone should just adopt the new tech and quit whining. Meanwhile, this TLX is a hit in the visuals but needs to be offered with SH-AWD and DCT combined, at least. I hope it’s planned for the near future.

    And yes, I’m with Alfie. I know DCTs are better than me, but I prefer that a manual shifter be part of my overall user experience.

  • Roger

    I meant to say, SH-AWD, DCT, and the big motor.

  • Roger

    Too bad the TLX is not autonomous. Perhaps that’s the “experience” you’re looking for? The days of driving are numbered, frankly.

    The sooner the better, too, for many.

    I don’t really see what’s “elitist” about wanting to shift my own gears? Or depress a clutch? “I don’t think it means what you think it means.” Perhaps you’re looking for “Luddite.”

    And come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind even an autonomous car for every day use, as long as I could still take over sometimes, or keep a sports car in the garage for weekend duty.

  • CM

    This car is BEAUTIFUL. Anybody that says otherwise is sadly mistaken.

  • Drew

    What’s wrong….does the thought of driving a manual transmission interrupt the ease of you texting while driving??

  • Dadoftwogirls

    Too bad, like every concept Acura shows off, what comes to market will look anything but like this.

  • Gds

    Does any one else see a Lexus profile?

  • Scunnerous

    For those complaining, it could have been worse – the 2.4L could have come with the Accord CVT, something that Accord buyers are going to feel sick about, that they can’t get the 8-speed DCT instead of the CVT.

    What is worrying is that there’s no mention of suspension, which could mean the McPherson strut is too embarrassing to mention.

  • Floppie

    Ahh, the guy who thinks he knows what’s best for everybody. Maybe I simply don’t like driving automatics. I liked the TL two generations ago; the last one was ugly, this TLX is nice but I simply wouldn’t consider purchasing it without a big kid transmission.

  • Honest Abe

    I believe you’ve coined Acura’s new slogan. “It could have been worse…”

  • Stavinsky

    Do you post at every established website? If you don’t like it then why do you keep looking for articles on the TLX?

  • Gart

    I think it looks great. I had a 2010 TL SH AWD 6speed manual and it was the best car I’ve ever owned. I’ve always loved Acura since the legend coupe. I was looking forward to the release of this car in hope to buy one next.

    However, I refuse to take this car seriously without a manual transmission. It’s ridiculous that a supposed performance sedan come without a manual. I guess I’m going german next, what a shame.

  • Scunnerous

    Am I the only one who is sick of those bullnose front ends, all because of the stupid EU rules on supposedly reducing head injuries in pedestrian collisions? Are there any numbers available on the reduction in pedestrian injuries, or increase in survival rate, since this legislation was enacted? If there is no tangible benefit can we please go back to designing cars which look like nice cars instead of battering rams.

  • gallyun

    Overall, I like the car. Yes it has IS250ish styling going on, but that is not a bad thing. The IS is a good looking car (Note: The old Acura Legend looked similar to the R32 Skylines,the Japanese do copy each other sometimes)

    Keep in mind, in today’s car market styling is very, very, hard….lol Mazda and Infiniti styling is all most similar.

    I do wish for a manual, but I’m not complaining about it. If they can get at least 210-230 hp out that Earth Dreams engine that will be good for me.

    I’ve been cool with Honda/Acura lineup over the past 10 years, They have lost they’re way somewhat but nothing is ever perfect. But i do think they should built at least one rear-wheel drive car, something like a S2000 but with a Acura spin on it.

    At the end of the day, reliability and price would make me stay with a Japanese luxury or a Caddy…lol Germans cars are cool but the price and expenses…smh. If have to be smart in this economy nowadays.

  • Shiratori1

    My phone is in my pocket when I drive (but feel free to keep making elitist and condesending comments about people you don’t even know).

    Seriously, imbeciles like you (who need a stick to compensate and feel better about their other “stick”) are absolutely vile.

  • The Terminator

    The Jeweled multiple LED head lights do Nothing for me, it looks more like a styling gimmick ! The rest of the car reminds me of what is wrong with Acura Today ….. Boring ! Don’t call me a hater either as I hold onto one the The Iconic Acura cars , a 1997 Acura Integra GSR as my daily driver. Fun car, with lots of utility, Reliable & yes a 5 speed manual transmission that is light with a shifter that is absolutely a blast. When the car came out it was called a drivers car. VTEC engine was / is / a Winner. 17 years have passed & the “Drivers Cars” in the lineup are disappearing. The new technology found in the TL / RDX , SH-AWD only the TL gets a manual transmission but that will cost you $45,000 for the desirable optioned car. Hardly the Deal found back in 1997 for that GSR. The manual transmission 4 cylinder TSX seems to be the deal in the lineup now. Taking that away with the new TLX. I know I’m in the minority wanting to shift my own gears but it looks like I’ll be Buying a different brand very soon. Acura no longer makes “Drivers Cars “. Looking at the 2015 Subaru WRX now but I still love that GSR for everything it does & doing it well for 17 years. Thank you Acura ! But No Thanks to the cars in your lineup for 2014 / 15.

  • Moosen

    You should learn how to drive a manual car. It’ll ease your internet rage

  • boooty

    I believe the goal here is to building a luxury sedan with the sporty concept. The downsides are no dual exhaust or an option of a stick. But driving something luxury automatic is the key, with comfortability and a stylish cool look. But I do hate the front end..

  • djspot13

    you are correct at stating the production differs from the concept (as is usually the case with all designs), but this is a prototype which is not the same thing as a concept. The biggest difference we’ll probably see is different wheels, maybe less or non-chrome exterior trim pieces, possible a bit more wheel gap. But this is pretty close to 100% production. Actually, Honda and Acura do not stray away too far from their concept and prototype designs

  • djspot

    They are probably saving the MT for the Type-S, they’ll probably introduce the type S, 1-2 years after this launches.

    Just an assumption of course.

  • danwat1234

    Acura should make some true dual electric motor hybrids, not the single electric motor mild hybrids that they currently have. The 2014 Accord Hybrid is the first of Honda, hopefully Acura will have that drivetrain in their cars soon too.

  • Shiratori1

    It’s elitist because people like you imply that your better than everyone else just because you can “shift your own gears” while heckling people who drive automatics and ripping on automatics through the use of phrases such as “autotragic” and “slushbox” (that is the very definition of elitism). It’s petty, immature, and makes people like you look like d-bags.

  • Shiratori1

    Yeah, no.

  • Shiratori1

    Debatable and subjective………..

  • Shiratori1

    More elitism…….lol

  • Robby G

    You have to expect that powertrain will come in the TLX as well.

  • Bob

    Headlights look so bad.

  • hiptech

    Looked to see if fuel grade requirement was mentioned anywhere in the article but didn’t see it. I wonder if we’re at a tipping point regarding the necessity for premium fuel?

    With all the talk of mileage improvements a lot of the savings is counteracted by the additional expense to run higher octane…

  • musiclevelz5

    People like Alfie and the others who prefer MT’s never implied anything of the sort. When you assume, you are the one that looks like a d-bag.

  • musiclevelz5

    No it is not debatable or subjective. Those are his own feelings. You cannot tell him if his feelings are right or wrong. You are not God. Stop trying to mold people into what you think is right. That makes you exactly what you are trying to prevent.

  • garry griffin

    wats r yall talking about the TLX does come stick 8 speed manual tranny try reading smh

  • Gart

    Garry with Two “r”s.. An 8 speed dual clutch transmission is not a manual… smh…

  • Andrew1972

    I am guessing Honda sold few of the manual transmissions in their luxury lines so for now they skipped it for now. Sadly they made incredible manual shifting vehicles.

    I enjoy shifting my own gears as gives me some control of the machine. I get it why folks skip by them as they don’t like them or simply never have driven one.

    My choices for next car keep narrowing down but at least Honda offers it in their popular Accord and Civic so there may be potential new drivers who make take them up.

  • ed fox

    The rear looks a little too busy where the dual exhaust should be which lessens its sporty appeal but it is an improvement over the last model. Need to get rid of that chrome around the windows.