2015 Dodge Challenger Revealed with 8-Speed

2015 Dodge Challenger Revealed with 8-Speed

Someone let the cat out of the bag early, as the 2015 Dodge Challenger has made an appearance on the Web.

Chrysler will debut this car tomorrow at the 2014 New York Auto Show, but the information won’t be new thanks to the leak onto the internet.

Noticeably missing is the high-performance SRT model that is rumored to have the brand’s new supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 Hellcat engine. Regardless, this is the first look at the new Challenger that will be available in eight different trims: SXT, SXT Plus, R/T, R/T Plus, R/T Shaker, R/T Plus Shaker, 6.4-liter Scat Pack and 392 HEMI Scat Pack. The revised styling on the 2015 Challenger has been inspired by the iconic 1971 Challenger and comes with an upgraded suspension, improved interior and an available eight-speed automatic transmission.

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The six-speed manual will remain standard for the Challenger and performance for the previously mentioned models remain the same minus the addition of the eight-speed automatic. The 6.4-liter HEMI V8 is good for 470 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque while the R/T models are powered by a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 with 375 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque. The other models feature the American automaker’s 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine with 305 hp.

To enhance the handling of the American muscle coupe, Dodge has added an electronic steering system with three levels of adjustment, a Super Track Pak suspension upgrade and a vehicle dynamics adjustment system. The latter features a sport mode that allows the driver to set throttle, transmission and steering performance.

Styling wise, the Challenger has a new split grille design, LED daytime running lights, updated tail lights and a more pronounced hood bulge. New technologies for the cabin include Uconnect Access infotainment system with 8.4-inch touchscreen while a second 7-inch screen is found in the main instrument cluster.

Check back for more detailed information when the 2015 Dodge Challenger makes its official debut at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

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  • Bubba

    Wow, here comes the Challenger in it’s 8th straight year with almost the same design as the ’08 version. Just like the ’08, the beltline is too high and it looks like Porky the Pig. Sure, I love the original ’70/’71 Challenger-type features (R/T hood, grille, beltline, rear lights,etc.). But, you would think that Chrysler (Fiat?) could have completely retooled the Challenger to downsize it like the 2015 Mustang? Obviously, Fiat isn’t going to spend any extra money on these cars anytime soon. It will be interesting to see the new Mustang parked next to the Challenger – I’m sure the size difference will lure folks to the ‘Stang. When I rented a 2008 Challenger for a week when they were new, I decided not to buy one because of the bulkyness. The car does perform well. However, I’d rather just have an old 1970 or 1971 Challenger to drive to cruises on the weekends and for the summer. I’m a huge Mopar E-body fan, but I wouldn’t want to drive the new Challenger everyday.

  • BlubberSucks

    That’s nice Blubber. You enjoy your tiny baby ‘Stang and let the big dogs drive our Mopars mkay?

  • BlubberIsADouche

    That’s nice Blubber. Enjoy your tiny baby ‘Stang and let the big dogs drive our Mopars mkay?

  • ModernMode

    The last thing we need is another tiny sports car you have to wedge yourself into with a shoehorn. The Challenger’s advantage is that it’s bigger than the too-small mustang and camaro.

  • Rock

    I like the halo’s and possibly the grille, the other changers do nothing for me. On the Mustang subject, they need small drivers…very small interior, my sister had one. She parked it and bought another Beetle, she traded her first Beetle for the Mustang (Beetles are FUGLY) !
    And I have been watching the crashes on the Challenger, Camaro and Mustang… In MANY Mustang crashes the car has basically been torn in two, one this week in Pa. torn in half, three teenagers killed. NOT a car to be in any kind or wreck in. The other crashes the car has to be cut apart to get the bodies out, when you start out in a sardine can, you end up in one. I will take the larger/safer car with better “end” statistics anytime. The Challenger and Camaro seem to fare MUCH better as far as safety and survival. Larger and heavier cars save lives, while still being as fast, that is a Fact !

  • Mainer4

    Agree, the beltline is way too high and the front end looks like a locomotive or some other equally blunt nosed vehicle. Take a clue and compare it to the actual ’71 and see what we mean. Too bad, it coulda been a real winner, much better than the so-called Charger that they sell.

  • Scooby3597

    Is it still as heavy as before?

  • SoCalStorm

    I drive a 2013 every day, and I love it. Then again, I’m 6’4″ tall and 230 lbs. This car fits so much better than the Mustang (and I’m a 2 time Mustang owner). An added bonus is a back seat that can actually be used to transport humans, and an enormous trunk. I have no regrets – and for the record, I absolutely love the look of the Challenger.

  • Paul T Cape

    I didn’t think they were bringing back the B5 Blue Color.

  • redline hemi R/T

    I just bought a 2014 challenger redline R/T and now knowing that there’s a 2015 coming I’m happy I have the 2014 it looks so much better. You throw five thousand under the hood and youll beat any pony out there. Plus you can have the whole family in there.

  • Jim Ray

    Yep, Not everyone wants a small car. Dodge has filled a sever VOID in the market! You can actually buy a large car now that looks good, performs well, and is great value. I love what they have done with the Challenger, Charger, and 300.

  • Tony

    This B5 Blue is NOT the true color of the original……I’ve been told by the parts department when I bought my touch up paint. The color name is Surf Blue.