Top 10 Cars for a Road Trip

Top 10 Cars for a Road Trip

Long Drive Ahead?

The winter was a real bastard. If you reside in or even just passed through the northern part of America at some point during the last four months you know exactly what I’m talking about. As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. But fool me 87 times and you’re a total jerk. Do you hear me Old Man Winter?! Having survived one storm after another, the devastation of multiple polar vortices (whatever the hell they are) and mind-numbing, frost-biting, extremity-blackening cold, the season is finally winding down. At long last the sun is starting to shine a bit more and spring is mercifully around the corner. With nicer weather within sight it’s time to take a break, go on a vacation or just plain get out of town to beat the winter blues. Road-trip season is nearly upon us; are you ready? Here’s a list of 10 vehicles that are perfect for taking on a cross-country drive.

  • Mick

    My turbo RSX

  • corjet

    No SRT Viper ..What a shame a manual gear box and powerful engine in a car that’s so awesome to cruse in it make you take the long way to your destination

  • Rickers

    Yea, your car is so awesome… they discontinued it.

  • Mick

    Actually they sold well. Also some cars liek the RSX were discontinued because they weren’t good or didn’t sell well but for other reasons. With the RSX the new Civic Si in 2006 had the same powerful engine so that was one reason. Also Acura wanted to get out of the sporty 4 banger racer boy car market.

  • bogwey

    Damn shame most of these cars are unattainable for the masses… Why not include a couple reasonable cars in the mix? How about a Miata? I would take a Hardtop Miata over the Mercedes and keep the leftover 80K in my pocket!

  • Ali Loo

    These cars are actually terrible for road tripping. Tesla? You wont get further than 200 miles without having to charge up. A rolls royce lol really? Do you know how much gas is gonna cost you? These are not cars for road tripping, rather for pea cocking around the rich suburban towns surrounding major cities. Nothing more.