Hyundai Named Most Appealing Non-Luxury Brand

Hyundai Named Most Appealing Non-Luxury Brand

Hyundai has managed to top yet another J.D. Power study among nonpremium brands. 

The Korean automaker scored 804 in this year’s J.D. Power APEAL study, ranking 13th overall but highest among non-luxury brands.

The study asks owners about new-vehicle appeal, getting them to evaluate their vehicle in 77 different areas. Those scores are then combined into an overall APEAL score that is measured on a 1000-point scale. This year, the overall APEAL score averaged 794, marking a single-point decrease compared to last year.

Hyundai bested Ram (800), Volkswagen (796), MINI (795) and the industry average of 794. This comes shortly after the brand was fourth overall in this year’s IQS.

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The result makes Hyundai the first nonpremium brand to rank highest in the APEAL and IQS in the same year. Helping pave the way for the automaker’s victory was its strong performances in the audio, communication, entertainment and navigation categories. The brand also took the Small Car category with its Accent model while the midsize Sonata improved 22 points to 819.

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  • Shiratori90

    Insignificant. All of about 5 people take into account J.D. power information when they are buying a car.

  • Adam

    It is significant in the perception of future car buyers.

  • Aaron Lavender

    Hyundai is trying their hardest to be a luxury brand. I’m not sure that being first in the non luxury Makes then feel better about being last in the luxury category.

  • Shiratori90

    All of about 3 people consider hyundai to be a player in the luxury game. They’re not, and pushing the genesis and equus isn’t going to change that as long as they are selling $12,000 cars alongside those models.

  • Shiratori90

    No it isn’t. Ask any non-car enthusiast person in their 20s (i.e.: future car buyers) to tell you what J.D. power is (hint: they won’t be able to answer you). It’s an insignificant organization that only matters to a handful of aging boomers, that’s it.

  • Shiratori90

    Except it isn’t.