Lotus Plans Evora Crossover, Convertible

Lotus Plans Evora Crossover, Convertible

Lotus is working to revamp the Evora sports car, and it looks like crossover and convertible variants are part of the plan. 

According to Car Magazine, Lotus plans to jack up the Evora, sort of like Audi did with its TT Offroad concept. It won’t be a hardcore off-road model as it will remain rear-wheel drive, but the Evora crossover will benefit from increased ride height and revised styling. The company hopes to expand its mass-market appeal in the US and China thanks to the new soft roader.

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Lotus also plans to bring a revised 2015 Evora to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. “It will be lighter and it will be faster: there’s nothing this side of £100,000 that will beat it on a track – unless it’s another Lotus,” said Jean-Marc Gales, Head of Lotus Cars. A followup to the hardcore 2-Eleven track special is also said to be in the works, along with a convertible version of the Evora.

Changes coming to the 2015 include a slimmer door sill for easier ingress and egress along with more power.

[Source: Car Magazine]

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