2017 Chrysler Minivan Interior Revealed


Chrysler is preparing its next generation minivan and our spy photographers have snapped some photos of the vehicle out testing. 

Photos of the exterior show few details thanks to heavy camouflage on this prototype, but we did manage to get some clear shots of the interior.

Most of what we can see appears to be borrowed straight from Dodge and Chrysler’s current playbook. A touchscreen, likely an 8.4-inch unit, is found in the center console while a rotary shift knob is fitted to control the nine-speed automatic transmission that this van will use. Another large LCD screen is found between the tachometer and speedometer, sitting beneath a redesigned hood that covers the instruments.

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From the little we see of the exterior, it appears that the new minivan is taking its front fascia design cues from the Chrysler 200. Styling for the van will also take cues from the 700C concept which was rolled out in 2012.

Underneath its new skin, the minivan will likely offer the brand’s Pentastar V6 from launch, while a plug-in hybrid setup will join the lineup of offerings in 2017. Chrysler expects the plug-in hybrid minivan to return up to 75 mpg.

Keen eyed observers will notice a Dodge badge on the back of this prototype, a strange sight considering that Chrysler has announced that the Dodge Grand Caravan has been axed and only the Chrysler Town and Country will live on. Considering the rear hatch design, it’s most likely that this mule was cobbled together using old Grand Caravan parts, including the rear hatch with the Dodge badge.

The van is expected to launch in 2016 as a 2017 model year vehicle.

Chrysler 700C Concept

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  • 2017. So far away.
    Just parked my 1996 ES. 178,000 miles. Purrs like a kitten.
    The 700 concept in Detroit was interesting to look at and study. But I hope none of that design is in this. Just make them again back to being able to fit 4×8 sheet of plywood across tops of folded 2nd and 3rd row seat backs. Decent V6 and 8 speed. 8 passenger or 9 passenger would be nice. (front bench seat..hehe)

  • Rffliberty

    It figures they remove the affordable Dodge mini-van and keep the inflated priced T&C. Oh well I hope my 2008 live a lot longer, only has 112K so far my last Chrysler Voyager had 313K before we drove it to scrap yard

  • Johnny_Fever

    If Chrysler has any brains, they will offer a non-leather interior, no bling, economical version of the overpriced T&C, and make it a shorter wheelbase affordable people mover with the Dodge badge on it. They are losing market share by not having an inexpensive Dodge version and those minivan buyers will jump ship for Kia’s offerings.

  • Garydp

    I work for Windsor Assembly which is on retool right now. I assure you that this is only a test mule and only testing the drive train. Some of the interior may not even see the light of day, in fact I know that the back end is from a Dodge Durango. Chrysler wants to keep the Dodge line separate from Chrysler and the lighting detail doesn’t tie in with that change. Front end looks about right but there are many changes still be made and this is way far from a finished spy photo. I will know in 3 months time what it will look like but I don’t think I’m allowed to say anything or even take pictures or my job is at stake.

  • Guest

    As far as I am concerned the best mini made were the first gen, they were functional.

  • tac

    I thought they had it with the 3rd gen. 4th is ok but they started cheaping out a bit

  • john kowalczyk

    Dropping the Town & country name and calling it the 700 would be the smartest thing they ever did.