Fiat, Chrysler Fail on Consumer Reports Brand Report Cards


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) may have a shiny new name, but its reputation needs some work.

In this year’s Consumer Reports Car Brand Report Cards, Fiat came in dead last with Jeep right behind. Of the bottom six brands, four fall under the FCA umbrella. On the flip side, Lexus sits atop the list for the second year in a row.

The publication took a composite of the average road-test scores and predicted reliability across automakers’ lineups to give each company an overall score that balances performance with reliability.

With an overall score of 32, Fiat ranks dead last in 28th. Jeep scored 39 overall  landing it in 27th place. The 26th spot on the list goes to Mini with a score of 46, followed by Dodge with a score of 52. Finally, Ford rounds out the worst five with 53 points, while Chrysler sits in the 23rd spot with 54 points.

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Topping the list once again was Lexus with an overall score of 78 and a road-test score of 76 while having 78 percent of its vehicles recommended. More impressive was Mazda, landing the second spot thanks in part to over half its models having been introduced or redesigned within the past three years. Toyota rounded out the top three while Audi and Subaru placed fourth and fifth, respectively.

Weighing down Toyota as a group was its Scion brand that came in 22nd out of the 28 major automakers with an overall score of 54. Leading American automakers was Buick in the seventh spot ahead of Honda in eighth position.

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  • Shiratori90

    FCA has supposedly one of the best infotainment systems in the industry, so this can’t be blamed on that BS. This is about mechanical reliability, and they’re failing at it.

  • smartacus

    By their own admission; it’s a composite of the average road-test scores and predicted reliability across automakers’ lineups

    Oh OK. and is the Lexus IS250 still “Not Recommended” by CR?
    meanwhile Imprezza, Legacy, and Forester are three of CR 2015 top ten picks.

    If anything. Subie should be on top.
    *Last I checked FCA didn’t have a Takata airbag problem, didn’t have deadly ignition switches.

  • smartacus

    there is no single GM driver swelling with pride because CR says FCA is below GM
    there is no single Lexus driver swelling with pride because CR says the Maserati Quattroporte is from FCA.

  • It was joked that FIAT stood for Fix It Again Tony.
    Consumer Reports has always rated Chrysler poorly. They built poor quality, unreliable cars. They are the worst of the Detroit Big 3