Toyota S-FR Concept Previews a Baby FR-S


Rumors that Toyota is planning a smaller, lighter Scion FR-S have existed for years and now it appears they may actually be true.

Called the S-FR, this tiny new concept takes the lightweight sports car philosophy to heart and Toyota claims it, “aims to make a whole new generation fall in love with driving.”

In fact, it was designed not just to attract driving enthusiasts, but those who enjoy customizing their cars as well.

At 157 inches long its roughly 10-inches shorter over all than the Scion FR-S or Toyota GT86, though its actually slighter taller and about three inches narrower.

The design looks almost like something from the Mini drawing board with its rounded-shape.

No powertrain details have been announced but the layout is a front-engine, rear-drive setup with an independent suspension and a proper manual transmission. Toyota says the lightweight package will deliver, “smooth, responsive and direct handling that gives a real sense of communication between car and driver.”

The car will make its official debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, alongside several other concepts.

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  • Bug S Bunny

    Another publication calls this thing a Miata fighter. Let’s see, no convertible top, 2+2 seating, and absolutely attrocious styling. This doesn’t even garner a “nice try” Toyota.

  • craigcole

    To my jaundiced eyes that front end looks like something from MINI.

  • Corky

    Ugly doesn’t sell. Why is that so hard to understand?

  • Eric Cameron

    If Pikachu was a car…

  • Shiratori1

    Someone’s a little butthurt.

  • Bug S Bunny

    And I agree – it’s whomever styled this thing.

  • smartacus

    i can’t wait to see it on the roads in 40 years.
    Maybe 30 years if they hurry like the Supra!

  • smartacus

    aha, yes it does. front end looks like a MINI Superleggera.
    Rear reminds me of Alfa 4C

  • Billy Cypher

    What’s an example of a car you think is good looking?

  • Billy Cypher

    I’m guessing that this is based on the Miata platform but using the 1.5L engine. That would also explain why the Miata is only sold in the U.S. with the 2.0L engine.

  • Kinetis

    The Scion iR?

  • Cody Beisel

    It’s interesting to say the least. Small rwd are the funnest. Wonder which car manufacturer scion is gonna have to pay to build this car. I mean if it turns out to being a good car it’s obviously won’t be built by toyota maybe subaru or Mazda as none of toyota built scion products are fun or attractive buys.

  • Jared

    Scion IS Toyota.

  • psedog

    Yes, I’m sure he is aware of that. Toyota has been partnering with other manufacturers as of late to make their current crop. Everything Cody said was spot on. My money is on another Mazda partnership as this looks to be in Miata territory.

  • Cody Beisel

    Haha Thanks man the other guy might not be the best reader lol

  • Cody Beisel

    Re read what I posted man before commenting.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    The Scion iR is rumored to be the Toyota Aygo in other markets.

  • Zepid

    If this is badged as a Toyota in the US instead of their shitty edgy teen brand I’ll be first in line to buy one. Gotta get rid of my Camry now.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    It’s a baby Aston Martin with better build quality! And the rear end looks Ferrari. I’ll take one in that color or silver.

  • Rickers

    Looks like a shoe.

  • Gino Margarejo

    More of a Sports 800 tribute than a baby FR-S…

  • Brandon Bairian

    Ok , this HAS to have a flat motor like the s800. In looks it stays truer to its inspiration that many of the bringbacks that are popping up. But if that’s the case this its so close to frs. Now , can this be a swap of the mx5 for the mazda2? I don’t think so. I will be very disappoint if the 1nz-fe is in this. Great motor , but not Fitting. The frs was a tribute to s800/ae86/celica. This is 100% s800 and it just would be silly without flat motor . Unless, Toyota is making a statement that they can actually build their own sports cars and instead of Subaru or Bmw. Subaru does have a 1.5 but not approved for NA market so Toyota would have to have devolved a flat 1.5 . Yeah right!

  • johnls39 .

    This is a cute looking car for the enthusiast. Just hope that the suspension has a reasonably good ride quality rather than harsh and jarring quality.

    However, can Toyota afford to build this since the Scion and Subaru models are not selling all that decently.

  • Brian Bautista

    light compact body with small displacement. similar to cappuccino. can make use of its agility to zip through tight corners.

  • Corky

    The MR2, Supra, FRS. I could go on. This thing looks kind of like Nissan’s Juke, by all accounts a fun car to drive, but do you see many around? No. They’re ugly.

  • Kinetis

    Wishful thinking on my behalf cuz I want to get into a new car soon. I was looking at the Aygo and other cars from Toyota and couldn’t find a trunk that matches this one.

  • Kinetis

    As much as I like Mazda and their sporting intentions, I hope this is based on Toyota’s new global architecture platform and a modified 2NR-FKE engine.