Rhys Millen Targets New Record at Pikes Peak

Rhys Millen Targets New Record at Pikes Peak

A new record was set at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb last year, and the man who set it wants to go even faster this year. 

Rhys Millen will use a modified version of the Drive eO PP03 electric race car he used in 2015 to try break the record this year. That means he will have to race up the mountain’s 12.42-mile course and around all of its 156 turns in less than 9:07.2.

The car’s all-electric motors churn out about 1595 horsepower and 1858 lb-ft of torque, an improvement on last year’s car thanks to the addition of one electric motor. Getting the power to the ground will be a set of Hankook 320/712 R18 slicks.

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Rod-Millen-Penzoil-CelicaRhys Millen’s father, Rod Millen, will also be running in the race this year with the same 1,000-horsepower Pennzoil Toyota Celica that he used back in 1994 to set a record on the course.

“I’m excited to be returning to Pikes Peak this year to be a part of the 100th anniversary running of the event and to defend our world record we set last year,” said Rhys Millen. “Last year was a big leap in understanding electric car performance, drivability and chassis balance. With several small tweaks, planned pre-event mountain testing and the support from Hankook Tire with a specially constructed tire and compound, I feel the team and I are more prepared this year than ever before.”

 The 2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb will take place on Sunday, June 26.