Mystery Corvette Spy Photos Could Show New ZR1

Fresh spy photos of a Chevy Corvette C7-based prototype have surfaced, showing what could be the new ZR1. 

Despite the heavy camo on the front end, this car appears to have large air vents on its front corners, usually used to feed intercoolers. Though again its tough to tell exactly, the hood also looks like it may be using a larger “power dome,” allowing more air to flow under the hood.

Under the hood, a twin-turbo V8 is rumored to provide power, explaining the new vents in the front end. A website for aftermarket company Katech Performance has poured fuel on the fire with a listing for a Corvette using an “LT5” engine, a new designation that could denote the new turbo V8.

This prototype is also packing blue brake calipers, a staple feature of the ZR1.

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Out back, two pedestals where a spoiler would attach are visible, marking a departure from the current ducktail setup, not surprising considering the ZR1’s power boost would be better used with more downforce.

All of that being said, this car could also simply be a prototype for the updated 2017 Corvette Z06, which is expected to offer better cooling to address some overheating issues. The changes seen on this prototype seem more significant than the small update to the Z06 that was expected though, pointing us towards the ZR1 rumor.

An all-new mid-engine Corvette is also said to be in the works, so if the ZR1 rumors prove to be true, this would be a final swan song for the C7 model before it is replaced.

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