2018 Honda Civic Type R Prototype Offers First Look at US-Bound Model


The new Civic Type R is getting closer to launching in North America and Honda is teasing us once again with a new prototype. 

This fresh prototype debuted alongside the new Honda Civic Hatchback at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. This is likely very close to the version that will come to the United States next year as a 2018 model year vehicle.

As can be expected, a body kit makes the new Civic Type R look plenty aggressive with larger fenders and air intakes. A large rear wing, a carbon fiber diffuser, and three-port centrally mounted exhaust setup can be found out back.

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Honda didn’t offer any specifics on the powertrain, though it’s already known that the car will use a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. In the current Type R, this motor makes 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, numbers that are expected to be improved upon before the next Type R launches.

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A six-speed manual and front-wheel drive are surely going to come standard with this car, while its brakes, steering, suspension, and tires will all be upgraded compared to the normal variant. This prototype sports bright red Brembos, which many are hoping will carry over to the production model.

The satin paint won’t make it to the production car, but North Americans will be able to buy this Type R before Europeans.

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  • Jimi

    YES YES YES!!! I have a 6spd 2005 Acura TL and I’ve been holding out on replacing it…this will most likely be my next car 🙂

  • Jimi

    Wait… I just saw the last paragraph… “A six-speed manual and front-wheel drive”… I thought the base Civic and Civic Si were front wheel and that the R was going to be AWD???

  • Getting this instead of the NSX- Much more bang for the buck for me!

  • bobjr94

    300 hp and a 6 speed ? Welcome to a 2004 STI minus the all wheel drive.

  • StephenRiquelme

    AWD civic would just be wrong man.

  • AZ

    that is one fugly transformer.

  • Jimi

    Bummer… I hate the torque steer in my 6spd Acura TL… and that’s only pushing 260hp. Granted, everything I’ve read says Honda has since made improvements in this area, but I find it hard to believe (I’ll believe it when I test drive it haa haa).

  • And you are one DOUBLE FUGLY BULLSHIT!


  • Mark S

    Will be interesting to see how they manage to avoid torque steer as they continue to up the power only through the front wheels, but Honda seem the experts at this.

  • Mark S

    If you get to see the current Type R vs Focus RS on Pistonheads You Tube channel and also on their website, well worth a coffee break. Honda do a great job getting the power down through the fail wheel drive, just like Renault/SEAT/Ford (ST’s) etc. do – in the dry, Pistonheads say the current R has it. Hope they can continue to do this with the next gen. VW GTI Clubsport has managed to avoid both torque and under steer, think Honda can do it.

  • Hagar

    Very nice! Now do the same thing to an Accord!

  • Bres Black

    A lot of plastic, looks cheap and ghetto

  • RS Howsey

    Christ! That looks awful; who the hell is designing these things.

  • windel Vernon

    This is the most interesting Civic come along in decades, but it’s numerous creases and wrinkles accentuated by the low gloss paint, has it looking like a poorly pressed pair of pants., .

  • American Honda’s are like American People.. Too Fat to be fun..
    Honestly compare this to a 1999 Civic SI, or a 1993 TypeR and it’s like comparing a Acura RL to a Civic of the same year..
    It’s just too darn big to be fun.. the Little Civic SI’s of years past were a blast to drive, even if they were slow.. They were fun because of how small they were.. These new one’s are just huge in comparison.. Oh well there’s always used cars..

  • David Jones

    Jesus that thing is hideous, and is probably not fast enough to outrun it’s own shadow. Needs a total makeover and AWD.