Here’s Our Best Look Yet at the Mid-Engine Corvette


Spy photographers have managed to get better photos of Chevrolet’s worst-kept secret.

The American automaker is keeping quiet about a mid-engine Corvette, but spy photographers have managed to capture better photos of a prototype that has been testing. Sporting a profile unlike the current Corvette, the mid-engine C8 has a low-cowl, small hood that wraps tightly over the front wheel. Given just how small the front of the vehicle is, it’s highly unlikely that there’s an engine lurking underneath the hood. Overall, the car’s design is a bit reminiscent of the original Acura NSX.

It appears that engineers are taking advantage of the mid-engine layout for the new sports car, with what looks like an air intake just in front of the rear wheel. Overall, the design looks sleeker than the existing Corvette.

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Photographers also got some photos showing off the rear end from a distance, with an engineer standing next to the car to give us a perspective of its height. Unfortunately there is still plenty hiding underneath the camouflage, but it does give us a good overall impression of what the mid-engine Corvette will look like when it debuts.

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  • Chris Daigle

    If this car debutes with a pushrod V8, I will laugh. A hard and long laugh.

  • Genuine Question


  • VlNCE

    Hey camera guy you suck

  • Rickers


  • Pretty sure that’s a Lambo, bro.

  • Shaun Anthony McCarthy

    Or he’s hiding in a bush, shooting through a chain link fence to capture a test mule that’s being blocked by bushes, that’s far as fuck away from him.

    Way better than Top Gear’s ability to video wild animals 😛

  • Ian

    Why? The LT1 makes more power than any other engine that gets 31MPG highway, and has a mountain of torque. Also makes more power than any other street engine that is that small physically (Other than the old, also Pushrod LS7). Most small boosted engines are actually heavier and larger physically. The Pushrod Small Block is one of the best engines ever made, and that cannot be argued in any way shape or form. It is a monster power plant in a tiny form.

  • Chris Cook

    The 3L twin turbo 6 that is in the Caddy is the rumored power plant for the mid mounted Vette.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    I always wondered why they didn’t make the Corvette look more like Lamborghini gallardo

  • Drew

    A nerd like you would probably love it if was powered by 500 iPhones instead.

  • Drew

    That would SUCK.

  • Chris Daigle

    Add, did I hurt your little feelings with my opinion? Making a new car from the ground up with the same old design they have been using since the late 50’s.

  • Chris Daigle

    And they could design the same engine with more efficient combustion chamber and make even more horsepower with the same mileage or better and have a flatter torque curve with a higher rpm range. The reason the LT1 makes that mileage is because of the cylinder deactivation, not the pushrod design. As for smaller engine bay, they are designing the car from the ground up. They can make whatever size engine compartment they want.

  • Chris Daigle

    Because it’s a lazy way to do it.

  • VlNCE

    You’re going to love my nuts

  • Reckoning Day

    Show us damn it ! Quit the bullshit ! Children don’t like bullshit…

  • Reckoning Day

    I always wondered why they didn’t make the Lambor-genie Gallard-whore
    look more like a Corvette….

  • Dominic Brissette

    Yes, turbos LITERALLY suck air into the engine, so it would definitely suck A LOT

  • crag keeper

    I bet it will have active fuel management problems just like every other Chevy on the market.
    Cylinder deactivation. Start/Stop. Low tech direct injection dirt depositors . But who cares, right? They are made to buy and polish every nice weekend at cars and coffee meets.

  • FactChecker90803

    Yes , they designed a small engine for a small engine bay, for minimal height, as one Jaguar designer said when he saw the C7, ” I which I had an engine that small, so I could have designed the F-Type with a lower bonnet”.

  • iammrmail

    I wonder if GM is creating a cadillac supercar, or a second Chevrolet supercar similar to the Ford GT. Meaning, selling a conventional corvette as we know it today as a lower price car to the masses, and selling the mid-engine car as a higher priced more advanced supercar

  • Joseph Surenko

    Cylinder deactivation adds a small increase. Pushrods have always been better. They are also smaller and lighter. Ford’s V6 engines get the same or less fuel economy than GM v8’s