The Most Loved Cars in America: 2016

The Most Loved Cars in America: 2016

Automotive enthusiasts love their cars, but which cars are more loved than others?

Strategic Vision has released its Customer Love Index (CLI) for 2016, which measures the amount of love that buyers feel toward their new vehicle. To calculate CLI, Strategic Vision looks at five measurements: Total Quality Impact, Total Value Index, Vehicle Emotional Delivery, Overall Feelings and Advocacy. It compiles data from over 120 different aspects of the ownership experience on a scale that ranges from 1 (I Hate It) to 7 (I Love It) with 4 (Satisfactory) at the middle of the scale.

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This year, Subaru and BMW went home with five Most Loved Vehicle Awards, tying for the most awarded to a single brand. Check out the most loved cars in their respective categories below.

Best Model – Tesla Model S


With a score of 652, the Tesla Model S ran away from the competition as the most loved car in America. It probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering Tesla owners are quite vocal about how great their cars are.

Micro Car – Smart Fortwo Coupe


In the Micro Car category, the Smart Fortwo Coupe takes home the win with a score of 388. To be fair, it doesn’t have a lot of competition.

Small Car – Honda Civic Coupe


The new Honda Civic coupe is capturing plenty of love from the media as well as its owners. With a score of 461, it’s the most loved small car in the U.S.

Small Multi-Function Car – Scion iM


The Scion brand may no longer exist and the iM might have felt like a final attempt at reviving the brand, but its owners are in love with their car. Strategic Vision classifies the Scion iM as a small multi-function car with its five-door hatchback design. The iM scored 438.

Small Alternative Powertrain Car – Ford C-Max Energi


Taking home the win in the Small Alternative Powertrain Car category is the Ford C-Max Energi with a score of 485.

Mid-Size Car – Subaru WRX


For generations, Subaru WRX owners have loved their cars, helping create one of the most passionate communities in the automotive industry. It’s almost no surprise that the sports sedan is the most loved mid-size car with a score of 463.

Mid-Size Multi-Function Car – Subaru Outback


It’s not just the WRX winning hearts over, as the Subaru Outback also took home the Mid-Size Multi-Function Car category with a score of 386.

Mid-Size Alternative Powertrain Car – Chevrolet Volt


There’s not a whole lot of competitors in the segment just yet, but Mid-Size Alternative Powertrain Car owners love their Chevrolet Volt. The plug-in hybrid scored 428.

Full-Size Car – Dodge Charger


This might be surprising to some, but the most loved Full-Size Car in the U.S. is the Dodge Charger, scoring 489 in this year’s index.

Near-Luxury Car – BMW 3 Series


There’s a reason the BMW 3 Series is one of the most successful luxury sedans of all time. Categorized as a Near-Luxury Car, the BMW 3 Series is most loved in its category with a score of 510.

Near-Luxury Alternative Powertrain Car – Lincoln MKZ Hybrid


The Near-Luxury Alternative Powertrain Car segment is likely one of the smallest and for now, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is the one to beat thanks to a score of 511.

Luxury Car – Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan


Mercedes-Benz’s flagship sedan garners plenty of awards throughout the year and this is just another one to add to its trophy case. With a score of 574, the S-Class sedan is the most loved Luxury Car in America.

Luxury Multi-Function Car – Volvo XC70


In the Luxury Multi-Function Car category, the Volvo XC70 is most loved with a score of 415.

Specialty Coupe – Dodge Challenger


The most loved Specialty Coupe in America is the Dodge Challenger, which might come as a surprise to some. But with a score of 567, it deserves the award.

Premium Coupe – Chevrolet Corvette


One of the least surprising cars on the list is the Chevrolet Corvette, taking home top honors in the Premium Coupe category with a score of 582.

Standard Convertible – Ford Mustang Convertible


When it comes to Standard Convertibles, no car is more loved than the droptop Ford Mustang. The convertible sports car scored 517 in this year’s index.

Premium Convertible / Roadster – Audi A5 Cabriolet


Rounding off this year’s most loved car winners is the Audi A5 Cabriolet, scoring 516 and taking home the Premium Convertible/Roadster category.

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  • smartacus

    More like a list of who has the most religiously devoted fanbois.

    And how is Volvo considered Luxury while BMW 3-er and Lincoln are Near-Luxury?
    One day an M3 owner can aspire to own a Volvo XC70?

  • Maciej Puchacz

    where is miata?!

  • Ken

    This makes no sense at all. How can many of the cars be the most loved and also be cars that few people buy? Several cars sell fewer cars in a month than their competition sell in a year.

  • laslo

    Some of them should be labeled “Cars loved by people who generally hate cars”.

  • Raymond Ramírez

    Why are foreign cars in a list of “Most Love Cars in America?” Are that many American betraying their nation? I bet if you did the same list for Japan, South Korea or Germany, no “American” cars are on their lists!!

  • Raymond Ramírez

    Back in Japan!

  • Raymond Ramírez

    The Cadillac Escalade has more luxury that the Volvo, and I see them every day. Never even seen a Volvo!

  • Hamza MD

    its difficult to agree with this list… My point of view is that Mercedes has really gone ahead of all germans and swedish and whoever else makes cheese to become the top automobile manufacturer… surely the C class is better than this pig-nose 3 series…

  • Dave Steph Taylor

    Oh please. Automakers are global.

    I would love to buy American, (my last three cars were Chevy’s), but they simply did not have anything that I wanted this go round. So should I buy a car that I don’t want, just to simply “Buy American?”