Chrysler Improves, But Audi Still Makes the Best Cars: Consumer Reports

Chrysler Improves, But Audi Still Makes the Best Cars: Consumer Reports

It’s a common question to ask: Which car brands make the best vehicles?

Consumer Reports tries to answer that question with its 2017 analysis of which car brands make the best vehicles. The publication averaged the Overall Scores for new cars from every major automaker based on the vehicles it has purchased and tested, and then it ranked them. Automakers with just one vehicle tested were omitted from the study.

But how is the Overall Score obtained? It’s the combination of road tests, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction and safety.

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Topping the list for the second year in a row is Audi, with an overall score of 81 and a road test score of 86. The brand actually has better-than-average predicted reliability and owner satisfaction, but despite not receiving the highest scores, it shines with an impressive average road test score. Audi is followed by Porsche (78 overall score), BMW (77), Lexus (77) and Subaru (74). Now that Tesla has two models available, it was ranked for the first time coming in eighth place with an overall score of 73. The only other American automaker to crack the top 10 is Buick with an overall score of 72 in 10th place.

As for the worst automakers, “Fiat, Jeep, Mitsubishi and Land Rover remain stubbornly stuck at the bottom of the list,” Consumer Reports said. With an overall score of 41, Fiat is the worst automaker, followed by Jeep (45), Mitsubishi (51), Land Rover (52) and Dodge (56).

Improving the most this year is Chrysler, rising seven places to 19th overall with a score of 66. Three other brands rose six spots this year: Acura (13th place), Infiniti (16) and Cadillac (18).

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  • sblakeification .

    What does a term like ‘best vehicle’ or ‘worst automaker’ actually mean?

  • Kevin

    good question, for me it would be can the car be reliable at high mileage. how often does it need repairs over $600, how often do unexpected things come up? how well does the car drive, how are the road manners, how is the seat comfort for long drives, the driving position, interior storage, fit and finish quality of paint and interior materials