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Automotive tires are often much cheaper when purchased online, and many online automotive tire distributors offer free delivery, or next-day delivery service. Once you purchase your automotive tires online, you can take them to your local service shop for install, or install them yourself.

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Common wheel and tire terminology

Common wheel and tire terminology

Tires are the most important parts of your vehicle! But, what is a tire? In short, tires are precisely-engineered pieces of rubber, chemicals, fabric and metal that are designed to provide traction, cushion road shock and carry a specified load under all kinds of conditions. If you’re like most people, all you really care about…

How to read a tire sidewall

How to read a tire sidewall

Buying tires is one thing. Understanding them is another. No, I’m not talking about the language tires speak when they take corners under full throttle, or when they warm up in the burnout box, or during protests of disgust when the brakes are called upon for a sudden veto.

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