Kia GT May Not Get Turbo V6

Kia GT May Not Get Turbo V6

Kia‘s heart-stoppingly cool GT concept was was powered by a 3.3L turbo V6 packing 400 horsepower – but the production version might not get such an exotic powertrain.

Speaking with Auto Express, Kia styling boss Peter Schreyer said that “I think done in the right way, with a smaller engine or hybrid technology, it would work,” he said. “It would still be fast, but return good fuel economy, too.”

Screyer said that the GT is aiming for the German coupe set, which we can assume as being the BMW 3-Series and Audi A5. Schreyer also described the GT as Kia’s “halo car”.

[Source: AutoExpress]

  • Sirknight

    If this is going to be a “HALO” car. And go up head to head on BMW 3seris (not the 1seris)and Audi A5 (not A3/A4). Then KIA better do some serious work on a REAL TURBO I4 not the half hearted attempt we have now in the Genesis COUPE! IF they even think they will NOT need to pony up the 400HP (unknown TQ) Turbo 3.3L V6 as the price of admission! A 265HP I4 will not cut it. And be careful with the HYBRID stuff too. Lexus found out the hard way with the LS600hL. The Audi Turbo 2.0L is a great engine and the BMW killer 2.3L Turbo I4 will not come anytime soon in anything other then Z4 and 1seris. If ever in the 3seris/5seris. You get one shot at a “HALO CAR” don’t blow it KIA.

  • Chuck P

    Stick with the turbo 6 or I won’t be interested! 395 ponys only way to go!

  • Jgagliano11

    I would definitely buy this car when it comes out. ill trade my forte in for it

  • TJ

    A turbo 4 would certainly drop it below 350hp and almost certainly below 300hp. With that sort of power to weight ratio it just makes sense to either buy a slightly more practical and economical Optima, or the 3.8 Genesis Coupe if one wants performance. Give me the option for a ~400hp v6, price it proprly and this will be my next vehicle.