Ford Committed to Improving MyFordTouch

Ford Committed to Improving MyFordTouch

MyFordTouch has taken a beating from many media outlets, including Consumer Reports, but Ford says that they will stay committed to being a leader in the infotainment world. 

In response to a Consumer Reports blog post, titled “why the MyFord Touch control system stinks,” Ford’s global marketing chief Jim Farley said, “[this criticism] won’t change our commitment to being a leader in infotainment. We want to be the best at it even if it means we have to improve the usability forever.”

The system is said to be slow, complicated to use, full of bugs, and distracting to a driver. To help quell the first rise up of complaints, Ford issued update kits to over 300,000 Ford customers, meant to make the MyFordTouch system easier and more intuitive to use. Unfortunately the system still remains problematic, with Consumer Reports saying that it could have a direct effect on Ford car sales in the upcoming years.

“According to our consumers, 56 percent say technology was an important part of their buying a Ford, and that’s significantly higher than other brands,” said Farley. With infotainment being one of the most important features in new cars, Ford is staying committed to making MyFordTouch easier to use.

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  • Gm4greedy

    Did I read somewhere MyFord Touch is Micro$oft? Heritage is to ship with bugs and then PATCH, PATCH, PATCH.