Toyota GT86 Griffon Concept is Faster Than a Ferrari

Toyota GT86 Griffon Concept is Faster Than a Ferrari

As the Tokyo Auto Salon approaches, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is teasing what it’s calling the GT86 Griffon Concept, a car which it claims lapped the Tsukuba circuit in 1 minute and 1.872 seconds, beating the time set by a Ferrari 458 Italia. 

Official details regarding all of the modifications will be released on January 11, but until then TRD dropped some hints as to what has been done to the GT86 Griffon Concept, along with releasing the blurry photo seen above.

Lowered and tweaked suspension, upgraded exhaust, lightweight materials, and a stiffened body have all been used to aid the Griffon Concept on the track. No engine modifications details have been released, but TRD says that it has been testing some parts related to the FA-20 engine.

To put up those track times, it seems likely that more than just body and suspension modification were used on the car, though we won’t know until it is officially unveiled next week.

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