2014 Volkswagen Golf GTD Diesel Hot Hatch Revealed

2014 Volkswagen Golf GTD Diesel Hot Hatch Revealed

Perhaps the perfect combination of fast and frugal, Volkswagen has unveiled its all-new Golf GTD model today ahead of its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

An unfamiliar badge in North America, the GTD is by all accounts a diesel version of the brand’s GTI hot hatch. Based on the all-new and significantly lighter seventh-generation Golf platform it is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine making 182 hp and a huge 280 lb-ft of torque. While the 0-60 time of 7.5 seconds isn’t exactly shockingly fast, this car is more about the responsiveness of the torquey diesel engine, with all of those lb-ft available at just 1750 rpm.

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Making it a superior commuter car for long distances it showcases the usual Volkswagen premium interior, which you can enjoy on the highway mile after mile as you won’t be stopping for fuel. VW claims the car gets an astonishing 67 mpg with the 6-speed manual transmission Using the 6-speed DSG automatic drops that slightly to 60 mpg.

Apart from the engine, other highlights include 17-inch wheels with 225/45 tires, a GTI-like aero kit with chrome dual exhaust pipes, a rear spoiler and a sports suspension package. Inside, the upgrades carry on the GTI look with a sports steering wheel, stainless steel pedals, a GTD gear shifter and instrument cluster plus the obligatory plaid seats.

Sound too good to be true? It is. Or at least it is if you don’t live in Europe. Volkswagen has never offered past GTD models in North America though that could change with this latest model. Currently the German automaker has been loaning out a past generation GTD in the LA area to press, likely looking to test reaction to see if the US market is ready for such a car.

Look for live photos of the new MKVII Golf GTD when it makes its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next month.



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  • Bryan

    Is there an estimated price range?

  • chadbag

    Bring it on!  About time.  Now bring the Diesel Polo to the US to compete with the FIT and the other rice burner super small sub compacts.

  • Billburners

    Whats the big deal my 2 year old european 5 door 1 series has similar horsepower and 0 to 60 time and i can can get similar fuel economy if i drive it gently

  • Tc95050

    Please bring it to the US. Please, please, please…

  • Liny_mike

    IMHO, some advertising… and they will sell like hot cakes here. Problem is US gov doest want high mileage td cars available here. Its a matter of economics. taxes… $$$… However, It will get more likely as the price of fuel soars. I would love one of these. I had a GTI and would love this car. They include 4 motion and I’d be very very happy!!!

  • I would buy the GTD as fast as you could get one to me here in the states. I have the TDI and its pushing 200K and still gets 46 MPG @ 80 MPH for two hours a day. My Touareg is a beast with the V10TDI and still manages 26 MPG. Love the diesels

  • Ralph Wirth

    My next car if they bring it here. I have a 2004 Golf TDI and it’s been super reliable and can get over 50 MPG if I behave… I don’t but still get 42 MPG anyway and can tow a trailer with (2) quads and not lose much in MPG. Try that in a Prius,