Top 10 Infotainment Systems

Top 10 Infotainment Systems

Tech Tuesday Number 3: Who Has the Best Infotainment System

That interactive screen found in most new cars has significant impact on purchase decisions, meaning new car buyers want a system that is responsive, pretty and easy to use. We’ve decided to rank our experiences with the infotainment systems offered by major auto makers.

2013-Tesla-Model-S-Center-Stack.jpgWe’ll start with an honorable mention: We’d love to include the 17-inch screen found in the Tesla Model S but it’s too niche and limited to a vehicle few people can afford to own. However, it features a responsive screen that can be horizontally split. There is also a built in web browser.

Beyond that, the system is quite cluttered looking, but features some of the latest high-tech hardware. We can’t wait until Tesla’s cars, and by extension infotainment system, becomes more affordable.

  • Disqus11111

    My Ford Touch? Having that on the list immediately makes this article worthless.

    Cadillac CUE? This gets more pathetic with every click.

  • Finch

    I actually like MyFord Touch… I have it in my Focus and have NEVER had an issue.

  • tdeere

    Uconnect shouldnt even exist… Bmw 1st…Audi 2nd and Merc 3rd..

  • Hobbie1

    Have a 2014 RAM with Uconnect – close to perfection – easy – so easy my wife get it! It is fast and the garmin interface is great. Best part the system has touch as well as traditional buttons – meaning that you can make adjustments without taking your eyes off the road. Just an FYI the apps you mentioned for the Jeep are also on the RAM system.

  • SUV driver

    Toyota Entune, NissanConnect and Hyundai BlueLink did not make the list.

  • MarkMTx

    Lexus Enform is pretty user friendly for the old people……take notice cadillac.

  • David Laughlin

    I agree with UConnect being number 1 I’ve test driven other cars and I’m apprehensive to switch to something else. I like my challenger well, and dodge makes it super easy to use.

  • shiny

    I have a 2014 Jeep SRT and the UConnect system is the best I’ve seen and used. It’s fast, responsive, super easy to use, has not given me any problems, has voice commands, physical buttons, and does not need a learning curve at all. If you can put a round peg in a round hole then the UConnect is for you. What I’m trying to say is that UConnect is made so even an idiot like me can use it.
    Also for the SRT (and possibly other cars but I am not sure) it includes timers, g-forces, horsepower, and gauges.
    The wireless system is a subscription service so I won’t ever use that, plus it’s 3g only. I’ll just use my phone.
    Chrysler / Fiat mostly hit a home run with the uConnect system.
    Only problem: There were some glitches when new but a recent software update took care of all of them.

  • paTroller

    You are very observant.

  • paTroller

    you clearly havent used it or benchmarked any of them. Coming from a Volt user, which i think should’ve made the list. but its only in one vehicle.

  • paTroller

    It looks like you have a problem with them being on the “Top” list. If it would have been titled “Top 5 Infotainment Systems and then the Next 5” would you be happy?

  • Swaraj Pillai

    Only Mazda Connect is based on HTML5 and JavaScript and a web browser, This makes it easier to add new functionality and improvement is usability is required.

  • Jason

    Btw, the name of the system does not indicate the actual hardware. MyLink is the namebadge of any of the systems in a Chevy, IntelliLink in Buick, etc. What isn’t mentioned here is that the uplevel MyLink is the same exact system as CUE (Bosch) with a different calibration. You could literally recalibrate your MyLink to look like CUE (though differences in vehicle configuration are not going to match up, obviously) Same hardware, same software, different calibration. Additionally, the MyLink system in a Spark or other entry level vehicles is completely different hardware. The inset picture above is a BYOM (LG) HMI. It doesn’t make sense to present MyLink and CUE uplevel systems as different, but combine MyLink badged BYOM with the MyLink uplevel system. Personally I think it just confuses buyers to badge the infotainment system by brand rather than system.

  • Teddy

    This list is F’n garbage, idrive is terrible compared to mmi and command

  • DJones

    2015 Hellcat here, and can vouch for Uconnect being #1. (Post-software update) I’ve tested several of these systems and nothing touches it IMO.

  • Zelko

    I purchased a 2016 Cadillac SRX last year in December it has 40,000 km and the CUE infotainment system is garbage. It has been at the dealer 3 times they have not resolved the issue. Gm is saying they have no updates to solve the problem of not recognizing voice commands, giving directions that are 40 minutes longer than normal,the voice commands stutter, not to mention the cd player not accepting cds and the compartment that opens and closes is not working properly. Very dissatisfied with GM and Cadillac i feel the whole system needs to be replaced. I am waiting for a response from GM. If this is not resolved i will never buy another Cadillac again and i will make sure that the public knows about GM and Cadillacs poor customer service and lack of concern towards their customers. Shame on you GM

  • John Doe

    This article needs to be upgraded to today’s systems!