Bugatti Chiron Promises to be the World’s Fastest, Most Powerful Car

Bugatti Chiron Promises to be the World’s Fastest, Most Powerful Car

The followup to the Bugatti Veyron is promising some pretty spectacular things. 

The French automaker has now confirmed that the new car will be called the Bugatti Chiron and will make its official debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March next year. It is named for Louis Chiron, a Bugatti race car driver who won nearly ever major grand prix in the 1920s and 1930s.

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Bugatti is already making stout claims about the car, saying it will be the “world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive production super sports car.” That means the Chiron will make more power than the 1,500-horsepower Koenigsegg Regera and will run from zero to 60 mph faster than 2.7 seconds, with early rumors suggesting the Chiron will make the sprint in 2.3 seconds.

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Powering the Bugatti Chiron will be a quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 with torque output said to be somewhere around 1,106 lb-ft. The car will carry a price tag of around $2.5 million to start.

Currently, the Bugatti Chiron is in its final testing phases with a number of prototypes undergoing scrutiny all over the world. Even though customers can’t drive the car yet, Bugatti says that it has already taken 100 orders for the new car.

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Though we have only seen teasers of the Chiron, styling for the car is supposed to resembled the Vision GT Concept that Bugatti recently revealed. The teaser seen above reveals a part of the car’s headrests, which will have an “abstracted form of Louis Chiron’s signature.”

UPDATE: We have obtained a spy photo showing off the Chiron’s new face. It has been added above. 

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  • craigcole

    Can’t wait for more details!

  • Rickers

    Will it be as ugly as the last one?

  • Felix James

    300 mph or go home.

  • Kradke

    Does it have cupholders?

  • amrone

    dis look phizzak pulling up the drive thru at mcdonalds.. all my homies be like yo dawg, and i tell em watch dis shizzat, fo real

  • Jack Inmanz


  • DudeFromDixie

    I’ll wait on the hybrid model.

  • OSR1

    A fool and his money are soon parted with the purchase of a new vehicle.

  • TroyGale

    I’ll keep my Pickup Trucks thank you very much.
    Simplicity and Practicality that is all I need.

  • Blitzcrraig

    The muslims who run France might not allow this display of western decadence to be sold..

  • USA#1

    2.5 Million that’s all… I will take a blue one and a red one…

  • USA#1

    And bill that to Mr. Underhills American Express Card!…

  • Jeeperz Creeperz

    Fo shizzle! LOL!!

  • Jeeperz Creeperz

    Zero to speed limit in 3 seconds. That’s worth what…a couple of mil? 😉

  • disqus4u

    How much extra for the jungle music sound system?

  • Big Iron ╾━╤デ╦︻

    For 2.5 mil it better fondle my gnads while driving !!

  • headlessjester

    No, they’ll move to LA and buy their own and drag race them through the streets.

  • saturn

    At that acceleration, the coffee and the water will separate.

  • libsarescum

    It does

  • Maindrian Pace

    It’ll squeeze them against the back of the seat. Close enough?

  • Maindrian Pace

    How long before a guy in a souped-up Nissan GTR blows one away in a street race?

  • Timmae

    Love it. I buy old cop cars for cash. I am sure others who know cars better than I can do much better than I.

  • DudeFromDixie

    Complete with police scanner, radar countermeasures, and hidden drug compartments.

  • popeye2010

    Santa, this will be my first and only request of you…

  • Tommy boy

    I’m sure Al Gore has one on order.

  • Michael O’Hara

    Some people do actually enjoy racing on a track, and if you can afford a Veyron or a Chiron you probably either own a track or have the means and influence to race on one without worrying about the rabble.

  • Michael O’Hara

    I enjoy driving, and though I probably will never be able to afford a machine like this, I still like my cars to have a little bit of performance to them. Pickups and SUVs drive like bricks, although they are useful when moving. EDIT: I have a Camry, albeit one with a v6 and performance suspension, so don’t get the wrong impression–I value practicality and reliability as well.

  • TroyGale

    I own a farm, I move stuff all the time. Just bringing lumber home from the hardware store requires a trailer, or a pickup. As to the performance, we have a Ford Edge, which has enough get up and go if I want to put my foot down, which I usually don’t do because we have lots and lots of deer in the area, who like playing chicken with traffic. 😉

  • who cares how fast it is, whats it look like? If its a 2 million dollar Pontiac Aztec that goes 0-60 in 2 sec, no ones going to bat an eye 😉

  • I wonder what the carbon footprint of a big smoking burnout is?

  • Tom

    My 1968 English Ford Cortina did 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. Unfortunately, it was going off a ridge into a ravine.

  • best place for it.

  • JoeShmo

    I’ll take mine with shields, cloak, and pulse phasers.

  • 0-60 in 2.3 seconds?? my Scion does this in 6 seconds. I think i’ll save myself a few million dollars by being a few seconds later than someone else.

  • um…what? take that 2.5 million and go to a nice school so you can learn some English

  • JoeShmo

    speed limit? what’s that?

  • Thomas Ktwentyone

    If that’s your sole criterion for automotive awesomeness – just pick a LIGHT car, replace the engine (transmission etc) with an LSX V8, add twin turbos, limited slip diff etc and boost until you see 1,000 hp, that’ll be quicker in a straight line than a big fat supercar.
    Against light race cars, on a track, both the GTR and the Bugatti are hopelessly slow. Less weight is a MAJOR advantage.

  • Thomas Ktwentyone

    The Bugatti – and the GTR – is way too fat and heavy to perform on a track with turns against proper race cars.

  • Dencal26

    Ugly car

  • Jack Frost

    “Chiron”? Must be French for “Fuggly”.

  • usatravler

    Looks like a black suppository.

  • Paul wall

    Lol you wish your scion did it in six seconds.

  • haha 2013 FRS -=) 0-60 in 6.2 seconds depending on how well I shift.

  • Paul wall

    I doubt you ever hit it under 7 from 0-60. And then the quarter mile takes you ten more seconds.

  • meh, some people know how to drive stick. I’ve hit it under 6….not every time tho. But u are right about the quarter mile, thats where this thing sucks.

  • Citizenrichie

    I had Lotus Esprit Turbo so I promise you I’m not really jealous of this uncomfortable, kidney destroying piece of crap.

    most 900+ cc Jap bikes will still smoke this thing and they only cost like 1% the price.

  • Pat Boyle

    My car is more than 21 years old. It could vote. It’s a 1989 Toyota Supra Turbo. It only has 235 HP in stock form but there is a bolt on kit that raises the power to 500. This kit costs only a couple hundred bucks. Basically its just a bigger turbo. You don’t even need a mechanic. Its a DIY project. If that’s not enough there are kits that take you to 1,000 HP or more. You can see a Supra on YouTube that someone has been boosted to 3,000 HP. It’s very very fast. Much faster than this ugly and expensive French car.

    All this is from a three liter engine. You could make a race worthy Supra with two or three thousand horse power for maybe $200,000. Take it to the track. Then you could buy a nice top-of-the-line Mercedes sedan for driving around town. You’d still have a million dollars left over.

  • Lastrange

    Excellent post.

  • gdnctr


  • Sumner Kagan

    still one of the ugliest car manufacturers in the world.

  • cbus_cbass

    I am still waiting for the mini-van version…what the heck Bugatti!!!

  • Richard Piotrowski

    Will the Supra go >255 MPH? At what speed do the tires explode?

  • BadWhisky

    Proof that if you have unlimited fiscal resources you can go as fast as you like.

  • Schwerpunkt

    Still rather have a big block Cobra and no, I don’t mean Mustang.

  • Yup. They need ~1,200 hp to get there, but quite a lot of cars will accomplish that. Check Youtube for “Texas Mile”. As to exploding tires, a high end Y rated tire will handle upwards of 300 mph, briefly, without tossing its cookies, many times over. Which is unsurprising given that that’s exactly what the Veyron, et al, use, albeit in a custom size they had Michelin produce so they can bone owners for ~$20k a set.

    Bugatti’s speed achievements are not particularly impressive. What is impressive is the engineering required to enable just about any drooling camry owner to do north of 200 mph in comparative luxury. A Supra isn’t doing that, nor a Ford GT, although both can be built to go faster.

  • oldvlc

    Cool, now a stupid billionaire can kill him/herself in 2.3 seconds

  • BadWhisky

    The Hennessey Venom tops out at 270.4 MPH and cost a little under 25% of this thing (built in Texas)

  • slobotnavich

    Hey, this thing’s almost as fast as a $12,000 Japanese hyper-bike,

  • michael mchale

    2.3 or not, will never have the class/character of Aston Martin or Ferrari.

  • harshcritic1967

    Chevrolet claims 2.95 0-60 for the new Z06 corvette, for 83k (.08 million). With the Chiron you go 0-60 .65 seconds faster (for an addition 2.42 million dollars), and the corvette would beat the Chiron on a twisty track for lap time. Plus with the Chevy you drive American, and if you really want to go 0-60 in 2.3 Callaway can make it happen for another 50k.

    Chiron = Dumb

  • harshcritic1967

    Me too….much more interesting car.

  • LimeGreenYeti

    “drive American”? No thanks, the UAW is populated by drunk pot smokers who make low quality garbage, and their union does it’s best to destroy the country.
    I’ll NEVER buy an American piece of junk car, and do quite well with European, and Japanese cars thank you very much.

  • Ellipsis_Elided

    Doubt you will even be able to buy one for road use in the states. Who is going to pay for one to be put through crash testing? Anyway, buying American is a fetish of interest only to Americans, and not all of them.

  • LimeGreenYeti

    Clearly not all of them, because I am one of them.
    Most people I know personally would never buy an American car for the reasons I stated.

  • Ellipsis_Elided

    Gravity will only accelerate you at the rate of 32 feet per second per second. At the end of 2.5 seconds you would be going 80 feet per second or 4800 feet per minute. 4800 feet is less than a mile, so less than a mile a minute, so less than 60 miles per hour- in fact about 54.5 mph.

  • YouDude60

    Count me among those who will NEVER buy GM again. Why? the “bailout”…

    1) Left Bondholders empty-handed, while
    2) UAW was handed 38% ownership at no expense, and
    3) GM execs lied about repaying “every penny” of the bailout $$ they received

    You’d think with the info above GM would be on it’s best behavior. Sadly, the profoundly unethical behavior surrounding flawed products makes GM the poster-organization for crony capitalism at its worst.

    Worse, they’re too “insular” to even know it.

  • GK

    You’re right — it is ugly. Anyway, these aren’t real Bugattis. Somebody just got rights to the name and made a grille inspired by the actuall Bugatti’s grille. After that (and the Bugatti emblem) there isn’t much Bugatti about it.

  • Tom

    It seemed like 60 at the time Mr. Technical Pants

  • Tom

    How true.

  • Tom

    Your formula works, if you start at 0.

  • Doopa

    My bug zapper has more visual appeal. This thing is real fugly.

  • LT

    Exactly. And that’s straight off the factory floor – no mods. Plus, I don’t give a damn what kind of car you’re talking about, it can’t deliver the same kind of thrill that a bike can for a fraction of the cost.

  • nastyolbstrd

    It’s not a Bugatti, it’s a French built VW. Ettore is spinning at high RPM in his grave.

  • Doopa

    I never saw a drunk pot smoking robot, have you? Robotics does most of the work.

  • Jeffrey A Jones

    Just remember a top fuel dragster @ 500cuin accelerates from dead stop to 320mph in around 3.7seconds. And it costs a lot less than $2.5MM. Give the Chiron a head start, let it hit the starting line @ 200mph and the TF dragster starts from a dead stop, the dragster will reach the finish line a quarter mile away with time to spare waiting for the Chiron to arrive.

  • Jeffrey A Jones

    I have been buying Ford since the Hussein/GM Marxist merger and that REALLY is painful to say for a Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild alumnus.

  • boeing46

    I’ve had a few nice and fast cars. I’ll never have another one that I’m afraid to take out of the garage and park on the street or a parking lot. I tend to leave them in the garage and not drive unless there’s a safe place to park it.

  • ratso4747

    As a life long auto fan, it is clear that this is becoming ridiculous. This “thing” will be purchased only by morons who have exceedingly small penises.

  • Jeffrey A Jones

    Give me a ’70 Hemi-Cuda any day!

  • lopagus1

    an essential vehicle in anybody’s family is a 4×4. along with a good shotgun and rifle. don’t need to get anywhere fast. this overpriced garbage can’t go where i go in my 4×4. to each his own, but no thanks.

  • lopagus1

    yeah, but it dosen’t have cupholders.

  • Jeffrey A Jones

    Or better yet, I’ll get my ’36 Willys, 354 hemi powered Willys coupe in my avatar picture out of mothballs and see which car gets the biggest crowd @ Sonic drive-in on Saturday night!

  • NarniaNitro

    Let’s see this beat out the Hennessey Venom GT first before we crown it as the “fastest car”.

  • Bob Lee

    Small penises and big wallets! LOL

  • Jeffrey A Jones

    The freak wears brand new underwear and socks every day and breaks out a new bar of soap every day. Even Tipper couldn’t stand him so I am pretty sure that he is not a connoisseur of fine machinery.

  • Jeffrey A Jones

    Good point, no it doesn’t.

  • Retired Marine

    It’s so predictable that the responses would be about some heap or some muscle car that can almost drive as fast for far less money, which is of course missing the point entirely. Bugatti’s have never been about value. Speed and acceleration are not linear boys. All I hear with these responses is GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

  • Lexonaut

    My garage believes that I’m running the last HO Escort in the US. I’m happy with it and not at all covetous of a Chiron.

  • florida3guy

    I’ll bet Jay Leno gets one for his collection.

  • Retired Marine

    LULZ . . . a Sonic drive in. It’s not 1953 anymore.

  • Maindrian Pace

    Believe me, I understand. I have a turbo ’93 Fox Mustang (Ford Dart block Canfield heads) that runs high 9s on Drag T/As and is streetable. 5.3 LS truck/turbo combos are common and animalistic as well. Lots of cars and even trucks will beat the new Bugatti, the point was really how the owner of said new 2.5M car would react to being trashed by Godzilla, my car, an LS/turbo swapped anything, etc. Not that I street race, mind you.

  • TheTruthIsNotPC

    This car is no match for the famed Yugo…

  • Curmudgeon

    But seriously…I just mowed.

  • Chris King

    a 2nd generation MR2 and 100K$ will deliver a vehicle that defeats this car in any head to head event.

  • Curmudgeon

    This supports my claim that speed and performance are all relative. It’s much more fun to wrap out a little 4 cylinder than to merely put around in a M4. During my minimalist phase; i ran out and bought a Honda Fit. That car was an absolute dog but after some sticky rubber and suspension mods; it was sort of fun. I now have a significantly faster sedan and there’s nowhere that I can legally or safely stretch its legs.

  • i dont disagree. no one needs a car that goes this fast IMO. Its a waste of money since you will RARELY get to enjoy it at its full potential.

  • Curmudgeon

    That’s why FRS/BRZ/Miata and others are so compelling.

  • Jorge Diaz

    2 1/2 million, financed over a 7 year term, at 5%, equals a monthly payment of $35,3335. A perfect “government” car.

  • Schwerpunkt

    I call shotgun! There would be no losers in that contest. Don’t let’s forget a Boss 429….and the platoon of mechanics necessary to keep it running well.

    (I hate that hot-rodding has transmogrified to tiny displacement Mitsubishis that are pushing 25 pounds of boost. It’s that high-pitched sound…)

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    There are cheaper ways to get a concussion…

  • wiseoldfart

    There’s 100 suckers on the waiting list. When these spoiled millionaires finally receive their street rockets, they’ll be spending more time waiting for them to be repaired than driving them.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    There’s a lesson there…

  • Max

    Just placed my order you sore losing envious biatches…

  • Tangair

    Just think, they will have to crash test some to sell here.

  • TedStyle

    Me too, I only bought two though.

  • Yirmin

    Good point… Reality is the Venom GT has already been produced, tested and sold… This is a theoretical car…. In theory the Venom would still be faster, maybe not as quick off the line because it is rear wheel drive vs a Bugatti that is 4 wheel drive which would give a distinct advantage to the Bugatti off the line… But the Venom is much lighter so in the end the power per pound would favor the Venom for top speed… So the real question is what does the writer mean by fastest? I expect the Bugatti will be quickest, but no fastest.

  • adm454

    Standard are the rear window “hand warmers.”

  • Sadly, the only place in the world this car can be properly enjoyed is Germany. Everywhere else comes with speeding tickets.

  • ASA6668

    Hey Ole Fart——sorry, but only billionaires buy this type of vehicle
    For God and Country

  • Downlow

    It looks like somebody left the clothes iron on top of a vw beetle too long and it melted. Meh. Just goes to prove money has no taste. Give me a tricked 1992 Impala with 22″ gold spinners and an air ride and me and my homettes are happy.

  • Downlow

    Don’t forget old Italian garages?

  • Michael O’Hara

    The American cars I’ve owned have been lower quality than the Japanese. I have never owned a European car. That’s just my experience. I think Fords are getting close in quality to the Japanese cars, even GMs engine power density has been getting fairly impressive. Of course this is usually being achieved with turbos “ecoboost”, etc, and I am interested to see how these mass produced turbos fare in the long run. My top companies to avoid, personally, are Chrysler/Fiat, GM, and Volkswagen. IMO the best balance between value, reliability, and performance has been achieved by Honda, Subaru, and Toyota. Hyundai and Kia seem to be improving but I’m not sure I’m ready to buy one. I would love a BMW or an Audi but I can’t afford the maintenance. Right now I have 2 Toyotas mostly because I can’t afford to constantly fix cars, and both of mine are rated high in Consumer Reports reliability assessment.

  • so, you’re poor, bitter, and prideful. noted. the rest of us will keep aspiring, and working, towards having enough money to blow a couple mm on a car while you try to convince yourself that you’re content, and better off, being less wealthy.

  • BillionDollar babies

    This kind of excess should be banned. The only people that can afford to flaunt one are Dirty oil producers from the middle east that enslave their citizens, criminals, and criminal politicians. There is no need for a piece of garbage like these monstrosities.

  • BillionDollar babies

    I Don’t see the fascination with these pigs. It looks just like a sucker fish from the front. Sucking all that fuel, and money out of your wallet.

  • Michael O’Hara

    What would be way cooler is a tuner culture based on lightly boosted (maybe supercharged over turboed) japanese v6s or even I6s. Throw the 2GR-FE in an FR-S, supercharge it, and you have a Supra-level vehicle that could probably start around 30k new. EDIT: Just cut me a check, Toyota, you don’t have to give me credit for the idea but I would like some royalties.

  • Dax75

    acceleration barely faster than a 4 door Tesla 0-60 for 2.4 million dollars more. and it looks like something batman would drive. lol

  • Michael O’Hara

    My ’05 Tc can hit it in under 7…short gears.

  • Michael O’Hara

    Well, by “proper race cars” do you mean actual racing cars or like a Porsche 911 turbo, or a Ferrari? Also, that’s highly dependent on the track. A Veyron would be helped considerably by long straightaways, for instance. So it would do considerably better at Monza, than say, Tsukuba.

  • No We Can’t

    Too funny

  • Michael O’Hara

    I’ve always wanted to live in the country with land, and no doubt would have a pick-up as well if that were the case. I think I will have to always own at least one small, agile car though. My wife and I would love to someday have at least enough land to raise some goats and chickens, and have a large garden.

  • Paul wall


  • Michael O’Hara


  • GhostOfJefferson

    If you’re driving a 2.5 million dollar car, I strongly doubt you’re caring too much about gas prices or fuel consumption.

  • GhostOfJefferson

    That’s nice and fascist of you. Anything else you’ve deemed that free people shouldn’t be allowed to own, Your Highness?

  • Paul wall

    And I call lies if that car is stock. No way under 7

  • GhostOfJefferson

    They say that there’s a speed limit in Montana and Wyoming but I’ve not seen hide nor hair of any kind of enforcement of it since, well, forever.

  • Pat Boyle

    Exploding tires just add to the excitement.

  • Reder!c

    “French automaker”? Isn’t Bugatti owned by VW?

  • Michael O’Hara

    A Camry is a decent car. I have a 3.5 v6 SE and it’s actually pretty quick. I’m not saying there aren’t better cars, and you’re right, you shouldn’t stop striving towards better things–at least, until that becomes the whole point of life. At risk of sounding like a Christmas special, the really valuable things in life have no price–family and emotions and whatnot. If you have the money for a really good car like an M3, great, but don’t put the M3 ahead of everything else in life.

  • Michael O’Hara

    It does. It’s a manual, I can pull off just under 7 with a perfect launch. All I’ve really done is a little weight shedding.

  • mvetsel

    Exactly. And Teslas should also be banned. How many people can afford to spend $120,000 for a car that takes hours to refuel at the cost equivalent of $12/gallon (including the amortized cost of the battery).

  • Michael O’Hara

    Yes, everyone should be issued a 2.4L Camry by the government

  • Bawanna

    I love my W12 gas guzzling, fun to drive, sleeper of automobiles. I would love to burn several thousands gallons of fossil fuels in this beast anyday of the week and twice on Sunday. What an excellent example of fine engineering.

  • Paolo Moleman

    I would take a BMW i8 over the Tesla as it a much greener and faster car.

  • Bawanna

    You’re right. The USA deserves its own autobahn. We have the room and the need. Let a private entity build it and maintain it. It would be a big hit in America.

  • harshcritic1967

    Not only can a stock corvette get within .65 seconds zero to 60 for 83k, much more importantly, it could beat the Chiron around a course like the nurburgring, meaning that far from a “heap” or “muscle car”, it’s a superior sports car where things really count, on a challenging road course full of reducing radius turns. As I stated below, for another 50k Callaway can do authorized turbocharging that will make the Vette just as quick and just as fast also. All of this means superior track performance for .13 million, compared to slightly inferior overall performance for 2.5 million. Yes, the Chiron brings exclusivity which I get, but its performance / dollar ratio is pitiful, and this is supposed to be a performance car. And when it comes to turning heads, for the most part, let’s be honest, a Ferrari would do a better job at that. The average person would not only find the Chiron ugly, they wouldn’t know what it is. EVERYONE knows what a Ferrari is, and when it comes to making a statement, (the other intended purpose of this Chiron) you can again do better for less. So what statement does it really make? I spent way too much on a car that is best at nothing?

  • greytstuff44


  • Wild&WoollyChicks

    I dig what you say about Ford and Subaru.

    A customer bought a Fusion last year for the salesmen to boot around. Great value, good ride, handling and mileage for 20 grand.

    Only sore point was a recall, but the car’s never given up

  • Ronald Frump

    $2.5m isn’t what it used to be and with banks making longer auto loans this is actually affordable for a broad sector of Americans. If you got a 10 year loan at 3% your monthly payment would only be $24,140.19.

  • James Patrick

    I would much rather have a new Z06 Corvette or 2SS Camaro. This thing looks like an aardvark with wheels.

  • LeonardDaneman

    I think part of Citroen . . . ? And I do love the old Citroens!

  • LeonardDaneman

    A hybrid like the La Ferrari is potentially quicker, the electric motors providing superior torque in the low end.

  • Bawanna

    When you call for government to tax the crap out of them, they choose not to risk their money on a new idea and instead enjoy it for themselves. Who can blame them? I give them 2 thumbs up.

  • Clipper44

    A $2.5M aardvark that will triple in value in a couple years. Keep your GM junk.

  • Timebomb

    I would like to drive one for a few miles on a beer run. Things could get real interesting.

  • Timebomb

    Toys for rich kids from Saudi.

  • Timebomb

    Next you would ban free speech?

  • Clipper44

    These libturds hate free speech. Don’t be fooled.

  • Timebomb

    And fast cars that use ……..fossil fuels.

  • It’s no match for a Yaris. Yaris is where it’s at…it’s all in the name.


  • Clipper44

    No it couldn’t. You know nothing. The Nurburgring favors power.. and nobody will have more than Chiron. Keep trying to talking yourself into that fantasy of yours. The Corvette is junk compared to a Bugatti. No matter WHAT you do to any Corvette, anywhere, it will never hit ~270 mph.. and that, my friend, is what you pay the big bucks for.

  • wvcaver

    Wonder if they come with a Hillary 2016 sticker

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    If any proglodytes out there can make it go 60 to zero in under one second with the aid of a brick wall, I’ll give them a dollar. I’ll double it for 150 to zero.

  • LoveMercy

    I got a six or seven minute commute, with stop lights and 25 & 15 mph zones. My 2.x liter engine does just fine. I like the Chiron, but I’d have to commute just to find an open road.

  • Dax75

    I like BMW myself although not partial to the looks of the i8 and really could care less about ‘green’. Have not heard that the i8 is faster either.

  • aunt_bea

    Bugatti is owned by VW .. and headquartered in France.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    All govt bureaucrats themselves should get ’71 Pintos with nonfunctional brake lights…and brakes

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    I agree. Bread and water for Algore and all Democrat and RINO climate fraudsters.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    I’m sure Chappaquiddick Ted would welcome the chance to escape the inferno for a little while to take the job.

  • Wis Ass


  • flowers_for_all_p0liticians

    My hellcat does almost the same for 1/40th of the price.

  • Shelly long

    Your side is already well on its way to doing just that you commie demon-cRAT liar.

  • no one said anything about putting material possessions above things that matter. i just said that people who shit on rich people for buying expensive things are pathetic.

  • Edward Keithly

    But can it make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs…?

  • Carley Simon

    And a full tank of gas, with a sign on the back that says “RAM me, I’m a commie demonic-RAT”. WooooHoooo. 4th of july every day.

  • Mark Cregorian


  • Jelly Belly

    Just because Simon sCowel owns one, I would never be seen in one.

  • Mark Jones

    Get real. Lose your money. No modern cars with their totally run computer driven systems will ever be collector items. You find one of these pieces of shit in a barn 25 years from now and a collector will tell you to take a hike. Get real.

  • Onceler’s Revenge

    some oil rich inbred muslim saudi arabian royal will buy one. mayweather will buy another. both will beat some women up. combined IQ of 52.

  • KeepYourPlan

    If you need a loan this ones not for you.

  • Billy Thompson

    It still can’t do a slow fly-by while dumping munitions on enemy positions like a boss.


  • Timebomb

    You are wrong sweet heart. Hard core Constitutional conservative. I can do this without calling you names like a childish brat. No lies here

  • The Proletariat Barista

    Yeah, I’m gonna need video of that, thanks.

  • Lexonaut

    I’m 71. I frequently challenged at stop lights after people hear me double clutching down to the red. I can still pull hole shots and am competitive through second gear. After that? Humiliation.

    I had to laugh one day last summer after a Mustang GT challenger was pulling away and almost wiped out because he couldn’t handle the engine power.

    Regrettably the car is now eating major parts and its next meal was its last one — we are on fixed incomes and cannot afford the expense. I will miss it.

  • Wilddog

    I would rather have a mint 1968 Plymouth roadrunner with the 426 ci street hemi.

  • tymwltl

    I bought three. Different colors of course. Yeh, that’s the ticket.

  • fire1

    Venom GT’s 270.49-mph world record speed, from John Hennessey, reaches speed in half the time it takes a Bugatti.

  • Phoenix

    A lot of butt hurt poor bastards! If I was rich I might buy one. Poor people are so jealous. Lol!

  • NotThatStupidYet

    1970 hemi ‘Cuda

  • Truman

    Really, your Hellcat couldn’t carry water compared to a Bugatti.

  • Freedom

    Now that’s class, heart, and soul of the U.S……:-)

  • Freedom

    Light um up and make um smile for the camera……

  • PL

    Sold my 911 turbo s, it sat in my garage 99% of the time, wish I still had it.

  • Johnny Utah

    Why build a car that about 4 people will buy? Seems retarded.

  • Jasper

    just finished dropping a load of jizz in my wife’s azz, rolled over, put a huge dip in, fired up the laptop and saw this story. That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see it at the auto show next year.

  • Justice4all

    Because thousands more will buy the 200,000 cheap knockoff

  • Sherman

    exactly. bunch of whiny puzzies. spending all their energy complaining about it, rather than getting out there and working.

  • Rick

    $2.5mm? I think i’ll just wait another 40 years and pick one up used for around $250,000. Dad always said to buy ’em used cuz once you drive off the lot, it loses a instant equity.

  • Clipper44

    Uhhh.. how about the car that precedes this Bugatti???? The Veyron sells for something like 3x its sticker. So do many other hyper cars. What planet do you live on? Go get yourself educated and quit sounding stupid.

  • Leonard Schopenhouer

    It’s for the environment. Aren’t you paying attention to Hollande (pronounced political shyster) in Paris. Note also the simian Obama…. the only one with his elbow on the table. Reflective of his 102IQ and colored upbringing…. well half way so.

  • David G.

    I wasn’t aware his IQ was more than 2 digits ….. heh

  • David G.

    I’ll take a 1970 Chevelle SS with a Can Am 535 block, bored and stroked to about 590 or so.

  • ra

    100 already ordered. Don’t underestimate the disposable income of the elite.

  • ra

    GTO convertible please

  • squawneye

    I would be happy with a decent used full sized diesel pickup truck.

  • ra

    I’m not buying anything until they reveal how good the gas mileage is.

  • David G.

    GhostOfJefferson has a point; however, I read that the previous incarnation (Veyron) would guzzle an entire tank of gas in about 15 minutes at full throttle, and not much better mileage without the pedal to the metal. If I were rich enough to buy one, I might not care about the price of gas, but what a huge PITA to have to stop at service stations and gas it up 2 or 3 times a day.

  • WisdomOverMatter

    TESLA p90D is 2.8 seconds, and costs about $120,000 fully loaded. 🙂

  • zombietimeshare

    My street has speed bumps, will that be a problem?

  • Ronald Fump

    You’re making me feel bad about the $12,451 a month payment I’m making on my LaFerrari.

  • adrianvance

    Who needs a magnet for Highway Patrol cars?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  • Dave Pierce

    Wait till dodges challenger ADR hits the showrooms for around $80,000, saw it in Vegas at the factory show, 1000 hp super charged 426 hemi, about a foot wider, lots of carbon fibre and about 500lbs lighter, no back seat, their claiming a mid nines quarter mile, ADR stands for American Drag Racer, wildest most bichen stock production American ever built, it’ll smoke a Z06 vette by about 20mph through the quarter and hit 60mph in the mid twos. And they say this car will be built.

  • Mike Bittner


  • Hedley Lamar

    I love mine. It weighs 7,500 lbs. and does 0 to 60 in 7 seconds.

  • TheDude

    WTF man, no video? What kind of fast car article is this?

  • roddb

    But needs a Plug in to get any where.

    I never saw one going across country, I wonder why!

  • Neighborly Jim

    It would be awesome looking if not for the Edsel look of the front end. What is up with the horse collar nose?

  • Neighborly Jim

    Not if you go fast enough.

  • kenai

    Nah, if you go fast enough you’ll only hit the tops of the bumps.

  • rotorhead1871

    sweet!!…..cant wait to see the real thing….BUT:…….the W8 is a VW engine they stuck in the Pheaton years ago…why are they sticking with it?? the beast needs a new engine…a V16 of course…2500 hp!!..I mean for 2.5 mil….it should be beyond spectacular…..

  • rotorhead1871

    no top end!!……the quarter is its hot spot. and only for a few runs…then the battery goes south…..NEVER seen a Tesla at the drags….I go quite a bit too.

  • Jobin Eram

    It has a tailpipe and uses gas… boring.

    Tesla and the i8 will catch up and do better shortly.

  • Jobin Eram

    And how often will you drive it at 250 mph from A to B? meanwhile you can get a decent jet for that price and transport 6 people+ in complete luxury across thousands of miles above the plebes if you so desire.

    Then again you would need to learn to fly and get all the ratings for a jet…which only one person in 10,000 can achieve.

    And no idiots allowed!

  • Jobin Eram

    Wrong the fast chargers are now popping up. It’s like CCD vs. film… CCD wins!!!

  • Jobin Eram

    Or idiocy… buying a plane makes more sense at this price range.

  • Jobin Eram

    Until Daesh gets the Saudi’s and it is obliterated by an A10 on yet another cowardly retreat through the desert. A10 wins.

  • Jobin Eram

    BMW is aiming for 2 seconds with the next version.

  • stairgauge

    1970 Road Runner, 440 6 pac with vacuum control hood scoop.
    Pistol grip 4 speed. Oh why did I get rid of it? Let It go in 1977.
    Stupid,Stupidity,Stupidest kid ever.

  • Iminurbase

    Wrong, the P90D is closer to 200k approx 162k+

  • msmysterygirl

    The Tesla is more likely to spontaneously combust.

  • nobody

    A v16 would be stupidly long, compromising the structural stiffness of the chassis and the aerodynamic efficiency of the bodywork.

  • nobody

    All Bugatti’s have had this nose since the first model, it’s unique to them.

  • nobody

    No car manufacturer has ever allowed filming their prototypes, you should be happy that someone has managed to get some pictures.

  • nobody

    And pray that you will never have to take a corner at anything faster than walking speed.

  • sciencebob

    This type of car usually has a set of tires (or tyres) that last about 2500 miles and cost $40,000.

    And it’s butt ugly!

  • FA222014

    That’s a batmobile man, it doesn’t have to be pretty.

  • Neverstop

    Become a really good slalom water skier and you can accelerate to 60 MPH in under 2 seconds and have a bigger rush.

  • Smrgy

    Throw in the Kenyan Village Idiot Obumbler and you’ll have a total IQ of 53.

  • Aditya Ganesan

    exactly so they put two V8s together to make a W16
    it reduces the length and increases the breadth.

  • Aditya Ganesan

    lol i would drive at that speed when i get to the Autobahn. Im buying an Aston Martin V8 Vantage soon!

  • Aditya Ganesan

    no it wont be a problem ever (sarcasm man! 🙂

  • Aditya Ganesan

    u should get a new car for $250000. Like a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.
    I am buying a new Aston Martin V8 Vantage instead of a used Ferrari.

  • Aditya Ganesan

    nah i would buy a car

  • Aditya Ganesan

    lol nice comment (no offence, Saudis!)

  • Seriously

    For like what, one or two runs, three if your lucky? To chase a Veyron is going to take a lot of electrons. Then you’d sit for hours chargin while the Veyron cruises away…

  • jparker2000

    electric is gay

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  • Seriously

    You’ll need a LOT of fast chargers or be confined to certain routes. Kind of ruins why we love cars. Still, 20 minutes compared to 3-5. Everyone says; buy lunch. I don’t want to buy lunch. I want to fill up and drive!

  • James Patrick

    hey Clipper the Z06 Corvette is the best sports car in the world and doesn’t have to cheat on emissions tests like that German vw JUNK for 1/3 the cost.Good ole American ingenuity in spite of the federal government and the unions.The Camaro is just as good only held back by GMs insistence on the superiority of the Corvette.

  • Dana King

    They need to rethink it. My dogs butt looks better.

  • Nick Weller

    Why are you comparing a Vette with a VW?

  • Will Killyou

    So many better and certainly more refined and elegant cars than the Corvette.

  • OrangeMonkey

    Want one!!

  • Paladin

    Well, if they get any faster, you’ll get there before you left!!!

  • Omustgo

    I still would take the Koenigsegg any day. They are just absolutely brilliant. They are more of a Bad@$$ Man’s ripping machine! JMO.

  • YeahRightPal

    Refined, perhaps. To equal the Corvette’s performance you need to spend 10-20X more…

    Show me a $150,000 automobile that even comes close.

  • mr_the_boilermaker

    Communist swine.

  • roughman

    Yes, but how is it off-road?

  • expat1007

    Fast it may be but, but beauty it lacks.

  • squawneye

    That’s the kind of performance I am talking about. My goal is to make such a truck my 2016 big purchase. I can’t afford brand new but I don;t want a fixer upper either.

  • James Patrick

    Nick, because vw supposedly owns bugatti

  • roddb

    like i said, It needs a plug and when its time to replace the batteries it’s a Second Mortgage! You gain nothing but notoriety in owning one.

  • who needs a faster car than 80mph? anything more, and you can’t use it anyway.

  • flowers_for_all_p0liticians

    3 SECS 0-60, MID 10S 1/4 MILE. The point being that I have one. You having a Bugatti is very unlikely.

  • WisdomOverMatter

    Just because you never saw one, does not mean it can’t be done. Take a look at the SuperChargers map from Tesla and think again:

  • WisdomOverMatter

    I don’t know where you’re looking, I just loaded it to the max, and it’s $138K

  • WisdomOverMatter

    Tesla’s made for everyday driving, try doing that with the Bugatti. 😉 For the price of Tesla, you’ll have a heck of an experience.

  • WisdomOverMatter

    P.S. It’s $122,500 After Incentives & Gas Savings.

  • Michael O’Hara


  • Jeff T

    Ya if every brand put race car suspension and had their entire body covered in spoilers it would be quicker then a vette. The people who can afford these cars actually want to drive them.

  • Jeff T

    As an automotive enthusiast just appreciate the technology….. It’s fun to read about

  • Jeff T

    You do realize 1/4 times in performance cars doesn’t mean anything right?

  • Jeff T

    No, no it wouldn’t for so many reasons

  • nobody

    Yea, it’s not like almost 100 years of tradition and universal brand recognition counts, you tell’em Bubba!

  • HealthyAmerican

    Maybe not where YOU live 🙂

  • HealthyAmerican

    Will a fifty thousand dollar model be available? Because I still couldn’t afford that.

  • Ein Stein

    Nissan GT-R.

  • Jack Hagan

    You know what the real deal is though? The type of girls that are attracted to these silly things are blown out dogs. You would do better putting a sock in your underwear.

  • Tangair

    Right you are! Funny…Chappaqua and Chappaquiddick both share a “chap” but not a “dick”….

  • Thomas Ktwentyone

    Yawn – I know all that. 🙂 The Veyron is still too big and fat to outperform anything proper on any race track – it’s a flipping luxury speedboat on land. Well over 4,000 lbs…. A brilliant engineering feat, but still SLOW when the track turns – it’s nearly a full MINUTE slower around the Nürburgring than the fastest vehicle. The GTR also suffers from similar weight issues.

  • Michael O’Hara

    I agree it’s not the ideal track car but it still would be kind of fun to scream down the straights.

  • Thomas Ktwentyone

    Absolutely – it’s a wondrously awesome machine in every way. Well, except being nimble around a curvy track. Still, amazing that you can get 2 tons to move like that. The tire outlays must be substantial for those who own one.