This Might be the 2016 Toyota Prius


We could be looking at the 2016 Toyota Prius. 

Sketches that reportedly show the next-generation Prius were posted by Taiwanese website, along with plenty of info on the new car. The illustrations claim to show both the plug-in hybrid and standard Prius, each with its own unique design. The plug-in model is wearing a blue paint job while the standard Prius liftback is finished in aquamarine.

The site alleges that the new Prius will be roughly eight percent more efficient than today’s model, bringing fuel economy to around 54 mpg in the U.S. Power output is said to sit between 145 and 150 hp thanks to engine tweaks that also resulted in increased efficiency.

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Overall electric driving range on the plug-in hybrid model is estimated at 31 miles, though that is using the lenient Japanese test cycle.

Dimensions of the new Prius will be slightly larger than today’s car, while curb weight is said to be down to 2,843 lbs for the liftback and 2,976 lbs for the plug-in model.

The new 2016 Prius is expected to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October of this year.

[Source: via Hybrid Cars]

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  • Mark Petrie

    Looks more like concept art. The black-covered models seen driving around have significantly different body lines coming from the back of the car. The covered Prius seen on roads has one line running down the side-rear of the car that connects to the rear spoiler. But these drawings show two distinct sharp lines coming from the back of the car and that doesn’t match what we’ve seen on the road. I doubt this is the final Prius look.

  • Rafael Peres

    that is the ugliest thing i have ever seen in my life.

  • James Ramos

    check the mirror bro

  • Maximania

    My god, how do they purposefully make something so freaking ugly?! The Mirai and now this…I’m starting to question whether they actually want people to buy their cars. Who’s gonna want to be seen driving that ugly thing? Not even hippies are “cool” with that

  • The aquamarine prius looks like it’s been photoshopped and I can tell because it’s front fascia appears to be jumbled up especially the middle part of it which it appeares to be lowersed as a grille. Both of the next generation prius look awesome in my honest opinion

  • johny

    Prius needs to have AWD…that would make it perfect

  • sean t

    The one seen on the roads has some card board under the black cover. You can see exactly.

  • Daanon

    I don’t care what the outside looks like if they fix what they did on the inside. I’m 6’5″ and in 2010 when they added the weird bridge thing in the center and it digs right into my knee. when I went to trade in my 2001 to by a 2010, I knew after sitting in it for 2 seconds I could never own one. I ended up getting a 2008 with low miles, but I need to replace that soon and I want another Prius, but I have to either go with a lower mileage Prius V or buy another 2008-2009 just with less miles than my current one. If it gets good gas mileage and I can sit in it comfortably, I don’t care if its ugly.

  • Erik Sentinel


  • AdamJCollado@

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  • AdamJCollado@

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  • HazelACook@

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  • craigcole

    I think even Toyota is smart enough to NOT build a Prius that looks like this …

  • gary t

    This is not the 2016 Prius. This is someone’s apparently successful attempt at publicity for their site.

  • Dinguchaka

    I notice there are no gas or electric inlets. What does these cars run on? may be rumors.

  • Dinguchaka

    I am not a racist but that green car reminds me Prius is an “Asian” car.

  • danwat1234

    The plugin model won’t be released until 2017 I’ve heard, they are taking a break on that. These are just sketches from some group, how is this news? What is confirmed?

  • dabble53

    People (at least used to) buy Hummers….you will always find someone to buy something no matter how ugly, because ugly (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder.