Giving Thanks to the Automakers in 2014

Giving Thanks to the Automakers in 2014

A Not So Serious Article of Appreciation

It’s that time of year again.

It’s time to look back on the year that’s been and give thanks to those who keep this wild and crazy obsession of ours alive – the manufacturers. A lot has happened in the past 365 days; some good, some bad and some downright ugly.

But at AutoGuide we love it all. If we couldn’t talk about cars and trucks all day long, we don’t know what we’d do. Maybe start CatVideoGuide or create the world’s first craft beer distilled exclusively by the tears of hipsters. But we digress. The automobile isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so let’s join together and give a major thanks to all that create those marvelous mechanical machines.

Acura-NSX-Spy-Photos-Set2-4.jpg Acura

Thank you for the continual parade of NSX prototypes all over the world and the click worthy spy shots and general buzz-creating news. We greatly anticipate the model’s 2026 model year launch.

2015-Alfa-Romeo-4C-04.JPG Alfa Romeo

Thanks for proving all the naysayers wrong and actually returning to the North American market. Should we grab your coat or do you not plan on staying long?

2014-Aston-Martin-Vanquish-clouds.jpg Aston Martin

A continued thanks for all the ridiculously expensive cars we can never afford to own.

Audi-TT-Sportback-Concept-3.jpg Audi

Thank you for showing North Americans a small, affordable premium sedan can work. Thanks as well for realizing the world needs several more TT variants – please give us the inside scoop as to when the TT pick-up truck and TT panel van will arrive.

Bentley-Mulsanne-Speed-03.JPG Bentley

A big thanks for understanding that 752 lb-ft. of torque was not enough and what the world really needs is 811 lb-ft. in a four-door sedan.

2015-BMW-X4-13.jpg BMW

Cheers to BMW for the continued creativity when it comes to creating new vehicle body classifications. We look forward to the six-door grand-roadster X7.

2014-Buick-LaCrosse-02.jpg Buick

Thanks for giving traveling salespersons vehicles to aspire to.

2015-Cadillac-ATS-Coupe-09.JPG Cadillac

Thanks for proving American companies can do luxury right, but if we hear the term “Arts and Science” one more time, we’re going to go snap circa 2007 Britney Spears.

2014-Chevy-Camaro-Rear-threequarter.jpg Chevrolet

Thank you for offering three different V8 performance vehicles and all that other technology and stuff.

  • ClubRacer

    I’d rock an Audi TT pickup truck.

  • Teckler

    Haha, Telsa, oh, too true.

  • JDM_OG

    Not cool about Honda. They make awesome cars!!

  • Rickers

    This was so funny!