1988 288 GTO Becomes World's Fastest Ferrari At 275.4-MPH

It’s official, having a twin turbo Ferrari Enzo that can hit 238-mph is no longer a big deal. In fact, that’s just a snails pace compared to this 288 GTO that went 275.4-mph (averaged over two runs) out at the Bonneville Salt Flats this year. This makes it the World’s Fastest Ferrari and the World’s Fastest Sports Car. It was about 3-mph faster than the previous record holder. But there’s a catch – this 1988 288 GTO isn’t all genuine Ferrari.

Owner Steve Trafton teamed up with P4 by Norwood, a renowned Ferrari tuning shop, to swap out the stock GTO heart for a GM V8 540 ci big block motor. Take the giant V8, toss on a pair of Borg Warner 80mm turbochargers with 17 psi of boost and that nets you 275.4-mph passes. We’re guessing the power plant puts out close to 1,000-whp if not more.

So while the body and chassis is all Italian Ferrari, the power to set the record belongs to American GM. We’d probably pin an * next to World’s Fastest Ferrari, but still an awesome project nonetheless.

[Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer via  Autoblog]

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