Picking the best phone holder for your car can be overwhelming since there are hundreds of options out there. Since choosing the ideal car phone mount or holder is a difficult task, we have researched and compiled all the details to help you with the final decision. In this article, we have provided you with everything you need to know about phone holders as well as a list of the best car phone mounts and holders along with their features, reviews, pros and cons of each.

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1. Editor's Pick: LISEN Magnetic Car Phone Holder/Mount

lisen car magnetic phone holder/mount

Previously, our top recommendation was a phone mount that installed into your car’s CD slot. But since some new vehicles are moving away from in-dash CD players, we decided it was time to replace it with a more modern solution. LISEN’s magnetic car phone holder is just that, featuring six strong magnets to hold your cellphone in place while you drive.

This car phone holder uses a hook-like clip to latch onto your car’s A/C vents for a secure fit. That also means it’s nearly universal and will fit almost all the vehicles on the market with horizontal air vents; but if you have vertical or round air vents, you’ll have to look further down our list for recommendations.

Since it is a magnetic phone mount, you will have to use a metal pad in order to secure your phone to the holder. LISEN includes round and rectangular options for you to choose from, and you can even sandwich it inside your case, depending on the case’s thickness.

2. iOttie Easy One Touch 2

iottie easy one touch car mount holder

The iOttie Easy One Touch car phone mount is made to provide the best quality and function. This mount provides you with a great one-touch option that is designed to be user-friendly and convenient for mounting and removing the holder by simply using the touch of a finger.

The longevity and duration of the stickiness of the gel pad are unending. To maintain the gel’s stickiness, all you have to do is wash it with warm water, allow it to dry in the air for a little while, and soon the mount will work good as new as if it had never been opened.

iOttie’s Super Sticky Gel Pad is a patented feature, so you can rely on these sticky sturdy adhesives. The holder also has 360-degree rotation so that you can benefit from both landscape and portrait orientations quickly and easily.

The product is well-made, comparatively cheaper than other models and can provide users with an amazing and entertaining traveling experience. The iOttie Easy One Touch 2 definitely deserves being called one of the best mounts out there.

3. Mpow Windshield Cell Phone Holder

mpow cell phone holder

Mpow gives you another amazing mount with its Windshield Cell Phone Holder. It features a top-quality aluminum design for its long arm that is 8 inches long, allowing closer proximity to your phone or device while simultaneously providing convenient flexibility. It is perfect for mounting on windscreens and rough dashboards.

The mount uses a push-button for fixing and removing to make mounting an easy process, along with a strong gel suction cup that can stick to your windshield and other surfaces to securely fix your smartphone in place while driving.

The rapid release button also means that you can control and position your phone easily by just using one hand while driving. The holder is designed so that its width can be conveniently adjusted to accommodate phones ranging in size from 4 to 6 inches.

You can make use of the mount’s 360-degree rotation to angle your device at the right place for ideal viewing. Moreover, the mount comes with an additional sponge dashboard base that provides you with more stability and safety, as well as an adhesive stabilizer to reduce vibrations for the best viewing experience.

4. Bestrix Universal CD Slot Phone Holder

bestrix universal cd phone mount

The grip of the Bestrix Universal CD Slot Phone Holder can accommodate any device with a size of around 3.62 inches so that it is suitable enough for most phones and devices, unlike other regular holders. It can grip a majority of phones types such as most iPhones and Samsung models.

The mount comes with a typical one-touch system to hold and release devices, which makes sure that your smartphone stays safely secured. The head offers you complete 360° rotation which means that your phone can be conveniently positioned so that drivers and passengers can easily see it whenever needed.

Ease of use and versatility seem to work collectively with this product, which is why it is such a popular product to use. While the mount’s base can only be used in cars with a CD slot, it is still better in terms of security and stability in that your phones stay in pays without any risks of falling or getting damaged.

After the convenience of security, the added flexible arm does the rest. Even with the slight disadvantage that comes with any CD slot holder, this Bestrix product still manages to be one of the best mounts anyone can buy.

5. Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Holder

beam electronics smartphone mount

The Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Holder is another air vent mount in this list. That means there is no need to worry about any damage or marks left by adhesives or suction cups with these holders.

It has other beneficial features like a fast-release button on the rear to avoid wasting time and energy when dealing with your phone while driving. It also rotates 360-degrees so you can adjust its position and angle to your liking.

While the mount is essentially universal for all standard smartphones, it can only accommodate sizes between 1.9 and 3.7 inches. You don’t need any extra tools for installation. You clip your phone with one hand and you’re done! For buyers who are still worried or unsure, Beam Electronics offers a one-year warranty on its mount, so you can’t go wrong with this phone holder.

6. EXSHOW Windshield Phone Mount

exshow car mount

The EXSHOW Windshield Phone Mount is a great holder that is easy to use, stable in functionality, and perfect for all iPhones and many other major branded devices. Its long arm and dual suction design make it really easy to fix your phone at an ideal angle to maintain a fixed viewing experience.

Even with its plastic construction, the mount manages to be both sturdy and reliable. There is very little to complain about with this holder, save for its problems with shaking when it comes to extreme car motion or improper fitting of your devices.

The mount clamps can secure your phone into place using their rubber design to avoid any slipping, and the suction cup manages to work quite well in keeping the mount fixed in place. The EXSHOW Windshield Phone Mount is perfect for basic functionality and holding any and all heavy devices securely.

7. Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder

bosynoy cell phone holder

The Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder is definitely a top contender in the phone mount industry. Not only is this dashboard mount compatible for all cellphones, it also accommodates many major GPS systems. It uses reinforcement along the dashboard that is three times stronger to give a good grip, as well as a one-touch release to make it easy to use and install.

One of the major benefits that come with this holder is that it does not add any blind spots while driving. It can be easily fixed and removed for different cars because of its sticky silicone film that can be rinsed and reused.

The clamps are designed using soft mats that allow your phones to avoid any damage their surfaces, volume buttons and lock button. Another amazing advantage of the mount is its heat and sunlight resistance that further prevents any phone and mount damage even with continuous use. All in all, this is one of the most user-friendly and effective phone mounts out there.

8. Macally MCUP2XL Car Phone Mount

macally car cup holder phone mount

Macally caters to the automobile industry by providing a large variety of mounts and holders differing in terms of features, sizes, types, and compatibility. One of these is the Macally MCUP2XL Car Phone Mount.

This holder has an adjustable and firm grip that can accommodate all latest major mobile devices of all sizes including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and other devices between 1.77 inches and 4.1 inches in size.

The mount also has an adjustable base, which makes it an ideal choice for any cars, trucks or other vehicles with regular sizes of cup holders. The holder has an 8-inch long flexible neck that allows 360-degree rotation to get the perfect angle for your viewing experience.

You don’t have to worry about long travels, as the Macally MCUP2XL can hold devices with heavy cases easily using its strong clamps and base for support. With such strong functionality and an easy one button release system for attaching and removing, this is definitely a great pick.

9. SOAIY 3-In-1 Cigarette Lighter Car Mount

soaiy 3-in-1 cigarette lighter car mount

The SOAIY 3-In-1 Cigarette Lighter Car Mount is a great pick for someone looking for simplicity. While it doesn’t have one the flashiest designs on the list, the mount manages to outdo itself in terms of performance. The construction makes it quite strong and simultaneously flexible, which provides a lot more freedom in regards to adjusting it to the ideal position and angle.

One problem that arises with the mount has to do with its neck. It is not as sturdy as some may think, and can gradually lose its grip and position with heavy phones like the iPhone Plus over long periods of use.

Another problem that some might face is the fact your phone is mainly out of sight since it is plugged into a cigarette socket. That said, this does provide you with an advantage. Plugging the mount into a cigarette lighter allows you to charge your phone while it is mounting, making it a 3-in-1 product. Not only that, but this position allows you to drive easily without any blind spots

In the end, the mount itself manages to secure a smartphone quite tightly while simultaneously providing accurate extension and sturdiness.

10. Macally MCUPMP Phone Mount

macally adjustable cup holder phone mount

We already discussed how Macally is one of the few companies out there that cater to any and all phone mounting needs by providing the best and most versatile phone mounts. The Macally MCUPMP Phone Mount is a part of this versatile product range.

The mount makes use of a one-button release system to easily mount and remove your mobile devices. It also has an adjustable base that goes with all standard cup holders in any vehicle and uses a soft holder grip to prevent any damage to your devices while they are mounted.

The mount’s flexible neck, swivel option, and 360-degree rotation allow you to make the most of your viewing experience without obstructing your driving field of vision and simultaneously providing simple entertaining without any distractions or safety hazards.

If you’re looking for an affordable car mounting option that manages to perform well without any extra gadgets or costs, they look no further than the Macally MCUPMP Phone Mount. The simple design and ease of use are just enough to make it ideal for any car travels you may be planning.

What is a Phone Mount or Phone Holder and Why Do I Need One?

Distracted driving has increasingly become more dangerous in recent years as we try to always stay connected, even when we’re behind the wheel. Even if you have no urge to text while driving, you may need to use your smartphone for other reasons such as playing music or navigating to your destination. Or maybe you’re a driver for a ridesharing company such as Uber or Lyft and need to keep your eye on your phone from time to time.

That’s where a phone mount or phone holder comes in handy. They’re extremely affordable and a small price to pay to keep you safe while on the road. The ideal phone mount or phone holder will position your phone in a convenient location, allowing you to quickly glance on it when necessary, or change to the next track in your playlist without taking your eyes off the road.

Different Types of Car Phone Mounts and Phone Holders

Before choosing the right car phone mount or phone holder, you need to see which type of holder works for you. There are three main types of phone holders:

Dashboard/Windshield Mount: This holder makes use of a suction cup for mounting on to any surface of your car. Attaching the holder to a surface of a car can provide an easy setup, but the holder itself and your phone will most likely obstruct your view outside the car.

Suctions cups also make round prints on the surface of your windshields. That’s why most products come with a thick solution for situations where you will be mounting the holder to a dashboard. They also warn their users about the fact that the solution can also cause damage to your car’s surfaces.

Air Vent Mount: Unlike the dashboard/windshield mount’s suction cups, an air vent mount has rubber arms that can strongly adhere to the flaps of your air vents. These mounts are definitely ideal since they are compact and really easy to use without any worries of damage to any surface of your vehicle.

That said, in cases where you like to use the hot air during the winter season, the holder will likely overheat your phone, which can result in a shutdown. You should also be aware that, since phone models are now much bigger than before, using these mounts can cause issues since they can be harder to hold and grip.

CD Slot Mount: This holder is not as popular as the other two. Although most car models come with a CD player, people nowadays don’t really use it since they now have their smartphones or tablets for entertainment while traveling. This actually makes the CD player an ideal place to mount your phone.

The mount comes with rubber plastic flaps that fit into the CD slot. These wings are then opened with the use of a thumbscrew. It should be noted that users who rely on CDs while have to give up on using them in their cars with these mounts but to be fair, folks don’t really use them anymore anyway.


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